29 June, 2009

With Nourish, Who needs Lifebloom?

Is it me, or is Nourish replacing Lifebloom by a longshot?

My healing pie chart “thing” used to show Lifebloom as 40% of my heals. However when healing VOA two days ago, This happened.

See my Lifebloom at a measly 4th place? What is going on? Why is nourish top spot. Am I a pally now? Nourish spam ftw?

I am still hanging onto my T7.5 4 set bonus, and Glyph of Nourish, Which is making my nourish a healthy zippy heal, though not the best mana management skill we have. And healing wise I am having more fun spamming nourish then trying to organize lifebloom stacks and blooms.

Set Bonus: Your nourish heals for an additional 5% for each HoT effect present on the target.
Glyph: Your nourish heals for an additional 6% for each HoT effect present on the target.

Druids are not skilled at casted heals. We cannot do 20k+ crit heals like pallies can. Our strength is our HoTs that are the best ingame and smooth out all that tank damage. However I am finding it harder to get into a routine with this lifebloom ordeal. There are basically two rotations I try for Lifebloom right now, both feeling “messy” when using.

Fast stacking - Reaching 3 stacks right away, then letting it bloom. This gives out more HPS however my mana pool hurts from those 3 stacks going on right away. Usually I will wait abit before repeating.

Slow stacking – Pop on 1 stack, then wait 6ish secs before applying the 2nd stack, letting it bloom once it gets to 3. This gives less HPS then stacking it to 3 right away but there is no harsh initial mana cost, and I find it easier to maintain.

So, due to my annoyance at not being able to get into a rhythm with lifebloom, I have created a NEW rotation idea.

-Casually- throw a lifebloom on your tank every now and then, Keep Rejuv and Regrowth on, Grab your pally boots and Nourish Spam your heart out.

Seemed to work well enough. Now let’s try it out in Ulduar.

Spex <3

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  1. I've also noticed that with using Nourish more and more that Regrowth is taking a bit of a backseat on my healing charts as well. All I basically use regrowth for is to keep another HoT on the tanks to enhance my nourish.