06 June, 2009

I want to shield you too!

Today is a sad day for me, as when chatting to a guildie about damage-mitigation, I realized that as a tree, I don’t have one! Paladins get to bubble, Priests get to Shield. But what did blizzard give me? /sadface

I know that during Sarth+3 it is important to get a shield order going for the sarth tank, for those pesky breaths of his. And in Mimiron all the priests and paladins take turns helping out the MT during Plasma Blasts, however we druids are out of the loop when it comes to mitigation.

All druids come complete with Barkskin, which can then be talented towards greater damage reduction. Wouldn’t a talent or glyph of barkskin, that makes it castable on others, be fantastic? Or would that just be to OP? Do the best HOT’s in the game count as our “Shield” or the chance of Living Seed getting planted?

As a healer, I feel left out in the “Saving the tank from hitting the floor” game. I want to play too!

Spex <3

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