05 June, 2009

Just let it Bloom!

Now that blizzard changed the way Lifebloom works, it meant I had to change the way I heal. And I like change, so to blizzard: Bring it on!

The strategy most druids used to stand by was to stack up your 3 pretty lifeblooms on the tank at the start of the fight, then keep them there. With the glyph of Lifebloom helping you, you would give it a little nudge every 8 seconds, to keep it alive. Doing this in the post-patch times will get you screaming OOM mere minutes into any fight, which is what I keep hearing about in those PuG 25 Naxx runs I do on Monday nights when I am bored and have no one to play with.

So to my fellow trees. It has been a good 3 weeks now, so lets try something new! Next raid, try stacking your lifeblooms up on your tank, and when it is about to fall off… Let it! You will get a nice chunk of mana back, and the bonus for letting it bloom can be pretty astronomical (upwards of 10k on a good day)

While you are at it, take off your glyph of lifebloom. It is only sabotaging you. Suggested replacements? Glyphs of either Nourish, Regrowth or Wildgrowth seem to work quite well. Personally I have been clinging onto my T7.5 4 set bonus, untill I get 4 pieces of T8, so Nourish is the winner for me.


Spex <3

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