14 June, 2009

Tank-Healer Relationships

Somn, who is my GM and main guild Tank, and myself Were calming fishing in dalaran, chatting about Tanks, Healers and more importantly, them working together.

Somn: What would you tell a new healer to the guild about healing me specifically?
Spexie: Stay close! He likes to rampage. Don't loot in trash, you don't have time! Always be at his heels. Get in his Consecrate.

Probably not the answer he was looking for. Our GM is in constant motion, we move fast through raids and only pause at bosses long enough to make sure everyone knows what their job is. Probably the correct answer is Staying in Range and in Line of Sight, Don't get hit by the rockets, etc.. Oh yes, and throw out heals :D

However, he did make a comment about healers needing to mentally know what he is thinking.. which he said is silly but it sounded pretty reasonable to me. So as of this day forth, the best of us healers will be known as Mind Readers!!

Its important to know exactly what your tank plans on doing, and knowing a bare minimum on his skills and abilities is a bonus too. The more you know of what he's getting up to, the easier it will be to predict how much spike damage he's about to eat (and start up casts to be ready for it) or when there is a lull, which gives us druids time to restock all those hots we let drop. So the times when I got up and made myself coffee while the tanks talked about "tanky things" for the upcoming boss, I could probaly have learnt something which would have my job, and thefore the raids, job, abit or alot easier.

Maybe next time :)

Spex <3

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  1. I think much of WoW would be improved by telepathy... but the tank/healer relationship certainly :)

    I do like the moment when you've been healing a tank a long while and you realise that it does feel almost as if you do know exactly what they're thinking and about to do.

    Much better than all those other times when you're chasing them through fire and behind walls screaming "LOS!! LOS!" as their health bar glides gracefully into the red :)