23 June, 2009

PUG's are smarter lately

Is it me or did the general population of my server grow up in the few short months of Ulduar's release? PUG's, or Pick Up Groups, Used to terrify me. They meant lots of wipes, repair bills, time spent/wasted, getting locked to unfinished instances, and generally not having a good time. PUG's are the reason people have guilds. Or at least, were.

I was in a OS+2 the other day. We wiped once, then downed sarth like he was a annoying insect the second time around.

My guild (being small) decided we wanted some 25 Ulduar action on the weekend. We picked up 15+ players from the LFG channel, crossed our fingers and headed inside. a few hours later, Flame Lev, Razor and XT were 1 shots, and only 1 wipe on Ignis. A bunch of people that (probably) had never worked together, group up and knock out 1/4 of the latest instance? That is impressive.

Yesterday, I was trolling LFG, and got asked to heal Maly 10. Now Malygos is still tricky for alot of guilds, so I was fully ready to wipe alot, laugh about it and head to bed.. From this PUG I discoved an amazing pally tank, a spark-slamming DK and a 10/10 group. we got him first go, and afew people got the achivement for him!

Now.. afew months ago, I would NOT have set foot into a Naxx25 pug. or Naxx10 for that matter, And yet all these newbies are 1 shooting maly on their first go?
Did blizz really go that bonkers with nerfs? or am I getting lucky? Perhaps we have all gone alt crazy and these guys are not newies at all?

Anyways, need a healer for your PUG? This week, I am up for anything.

Bring it on!

Spex <3

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