10 December, 2009

Healing Lord Marrowgar in Icecrown Citadel

In my opinion? Lord Marrowgar is the perfect first fight for ICC. There is enough going on in the fight to keep your mind going, yet everything is simple enough to look out for and react to. A enjoyable fight and great first experience at 3.3 raiding.

Where will the boss be?
The boss will be tanked where he is, in the center of the room, by your 3 tanks! During his Whirlwinds, you are going to find you go OOR of your tanks VERY easily. I would advise marking them, so you have ready heals when he starts attacking again.

Where should I stand?
As a ranged you need to be spread out in a semicircle around Lord Marrowgar. The idea is that
you stand far enough to be able to dodge Cold Fire as it spawns out of his hitbox, and close enough for melee to lend a helping hand, lest you get hit by a Bone Spike. You also want to stay away from your tanks, as you don't want be eating any Saber Lash damage!

What should I look out for?

Saber Lash - This is a melee attack that lord Marrow will deal to your tank and your tanks 2 closest allies (In 25 man, this would be your other 2 OT's). A very fast, powerful attack that will put stress on your HoT's. If you have been assigned to tank healing, you are going to want your Glyph of Nourish, complimented by your Rej, Regrowth and Lifebloom HoT's. Lord Marrow is also abit sneaky and will usually use this ability RIGHT after a Whirlwind, So another friendly reminder, keep an eye on your tank, and don't let them go out of range.

Cold Flame - Lord Marrow is going to be pumping these out during the whole encounter, However they are easy enough to avoid. The effect is of a blue strip of flames that will spawn at melee range and move outwards in a straight line. Melee won't take damage from it if they can move fast enough when it spawns on them, and ranged should be far enough to be able to dodge it as it travels outwards. It will do moderate damage to people to get hit by it, however a simple Regrowth or Rej/Lifebloom should be enough to top them up.

Bone Spike Graveyard - During the encounter Lord Marrowgar will hurl a boulder in a random direction, hitting anyone in it's way with a large spike. This spike will be targeted and taken down by ranged DPS but in the meantime, the Spike's victims will be taking damage equal to 10% of their max health, every second. Give them a Rej and Regrowth, and if they dip too low in health, use your Nourish. If YOU get hit by a spike you will find yourself out of action,and unable to heal. Let your raid know over vent or have a Macro ready, so you can warn the other healers to cover for you.

Bone Storm - Every 30 seconds, Lord Marrow is going to cast Bone Storm, or as you would know it, Whirlwind. He has no aggro table while this is being cast, so he will simply target a random player, move towards them, dealing damage to everyone in his path, before changing to a new target. He will target a maximun of 4 players during each Bone Storm, and the closer you are to him, the more damage his whirlwind will do to you. On a brighter note, the tanks will have a break from soaking up the Saber Lash, as he does not use this ability while he is WWing around the place. Use this time to top up the tanks and re-HoT them, and use your Rej blanket techniques for the rest of the raid (5 Rej's + 1 WG, rinse and repeat)

Any healing Assignments?
We had 6 healers for our first night in 25 man ICC, So I assigned 1 healer for each of our 3 tanks (2 pallies, 1 druid), 2 raid Healers (1 Disc priest and 1 Druid), and 1 "throw-around" healer (Myself) to be on raid healing, whilst taking over other healers assignments when they got spiked, and out of action.

When should my raid pop Heroism/Bloodlust?
I would suggest popping it right at the pull or just after the first Blade Storm, after your MT has gained a comfortable amount of threat.

Welcome to 3.3 raiding guys, Goodluck!!!

Spex <3

Wow Slang Dictionary

OOR - Out Of range
MT - Main Tank
OT - Off Tank
Rej - Rejuvenation
Wg - Wild Growth
WW - Whirlwind
HoT - Heal over Time

08 December, 2009

Getting ready for Winter Veil

After Valentines, This is my favorite in-game holiday. However, I got caught out last year doing this on my mage, trying to open up the Ogri'la faction, along with a few other hundred people, at the same time. Think The Turkinator from the Pilgrim's Bounty festival. Luckily this year I was a bit more organized and dragged a friend around to do some "Winter Veil" preparations.

So whats to prepare for?

For the people on the quest to What a long, Strange Trip It's Been, one of the achievements you need for the Winter
Veil meta is this.


Now this quest is found in Blades Edge Mountains, Outland, but before you can do it you must unlock a annoyingly long
quest chain. So for those who never did it while leveling, this is a quick rundown of what you need to do, to be ready when the festive season starts.

The chain will start at Mog'dorg the Wizened, Location 55, 44, Blades Edge Mountains. he is up the top of a tower and
if he does not speak to you, chat to his assistant at the foot of the tower first, before heading back up.

He will give you 3 quests to complete

Even Gronn Have Standards, Location 20, 17, Terokkar Forest, just behind Shatt.
Grulloc Has Two Skulls, Location 60,47, Blades Edge Mountains
Maggoc's Treasure Chest, Found patrolling the outside of Deaths Door in Blades Edge Mountains, Approx. 68, 64 & 58,64

Hand those into him and he will send off to these

Grim(oire) Business, Location 77,30, Blades Edge Mountains. (Note: Pre-3.1 you used to need 5 people to summon him.
this is no longer the case, he will just show up for you)
Into the Soulgrinder, Location 59, 24 Blades Edge Mountains

Grats! you are now King/Queen of the ogres!

he will now send you to Ogri'La so grab this quest

Ogre Heaven, Chu'a'lor can be found at 28, 57, Who will give you the next few quests
The Crystals, Dropped by Apexis Flayers and Shard-Hide boars
An Apexis Relic. I suggest notepaper. the device is found at 32, 65 and requires a shard to operate. Ever played Simon
Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger, machine is found at 29, 81. To avoid being taken out by fel cannons, use your land mount.
The Skyguard Outpost, Keller found at 27, 52 Blades Edge Mountains.

Bombing Run, Hotkey the smiley (happy?) bombs and never stop moving, as those cannons will take you out. the ammo is
marked with hunter-mark like arrows.

After you hand in this quest the daily will open up

Bomb Them Again! Sound familiar?

Remember where this quest is, cause you're going to be coming back here when Winter Veil starts. And
now you get to laugh at all the people farming Blades Edge Mountains during the silly season, trying to unlock the chain when you've been smart enough to do it early!

Anything else to prepare for?

If you get bored, Head to Westfall to kill Fleshrippers, Teldrassil to kill Strigid Owls or Eversong Woods to kill
Crazed Dragonhawk. Why? They all drop Small Egg, and you will need 5 of these for this quest, Treats for Greatfather Winter, and the AH prices are guaranteed to skyrocket as we creep closer to the holiday.

Happy Questing!

Spex <3

26 November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiv.... er, Pilgrim's Bounty!

Every year WoWer's can enjoy Thanksgiving online from November 22nd till November 28th. This is more exciting for me as I do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you guys really eat candied sweet potato's?

Anyways, As this event is very achievement based - lets check out what you gotta do.

Food Fight - Bountiful tables can be found at all your factions capital cities. Choose a seat at a table and check out your action bar. your No. 1 key gives you the ability to pass a dish to another person sitting at the table, since the table is rather large and you are probably sitting closer to the dish then them, so you can share it around! Use this skill to pass it to someone, and if you throw too much at them, it will indeed knock them on the head.

Sharing Is Caring - Another "Pass the Dish" Achievement. You need to be able to pass every single type of dish around the table. So musical chairs time! each chair has 1 assigned dish, so sit at each one to pass it around. There are 5 types of food you need.

Pilgrim's Paunch - To get the "spirit is sharing" buff you need to eat 5 servings of every food on the table. if there are no people to pass the different dishes to you, just bounce into each individual chair, eat whats available, then repeat for all 5 dishes.

Now We're Cookin' - At the major faction's cities there will be a vendor that sells Bountiful Cookbook, this opens up all the recipes that you need to complete this achievement. you simply need to cook the 5 different kinds of foods.

Cranberry Chutney
Pumpkin Pie
Candied Sweet Potato
Slow-Roasted Turkey
Spice Bread Stuffing

*Note the turkey needs cooking level 280, the rest require lower levels.

Pilgrim's Peril - The Robe, Dress and Attire are rewards from the cooking dailies this holidays give. You only need to wear 1 item, and be sure to put it on before you go rampaging into any territory that may get you flagged and in combat. Best done at night or with a bunch of friends.
  • Orgrimmar - At main gates (Won't flag you)
  • Thunderbluff - At the main lifts (You will get flagged)
  • Undercity - Inside the main gates, to the left (You will get flagged)
  • Silvermoon - In front of the city gates, close to Stillwhisper pond (Won't flag you)
  • Stormwind - A bit down the road from the city's entrance (Won't flag you)
  • Ironforge - To the right of the city gates (Won't flag you)
  • Darnassus - At the back of the Warrior's Terrace, inside the city (You will get flagged)
  • Exodar - At the second city entrace coming from the dock, Just inside the outer city wall (You will get flagged)
Terokkar Turkey Time - I did this as Resto with a Fury Warrior friend, and the instance was Extremely simple to do. Probably solo-able at 80 but considering everyone needs to go there, grab a friend or two to make things easier. Remember you need to wear the hat as well as a chestpiece.

Turkey Lurkey - Alliance are always easy to get on my server. Just sit in the Dalaran bank or at the Flight Path, and/or ask in general for the whereabouts of any Rogues. The horde on my server, however, are pretty much extinct and they like to hang out JUST out of range in Sunreavers Sanctuary, to tease us. To counter this I mainly sat on top of the horde building in Dalaran, to Ninja-Shoot them. Surprise!

The Turkinator - My American friends did not do this without getting cranky at least once during their attempts. Best to do it first thing in the morning, or extremely late at night. The turkeys can be found wandering aimlessly abut Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades. You need to kill 40 turkeys in total, each turkey must be killed within 30 seconds of the previous one. You get a stacking debuff to let you know how many you have killed and how much time until the debuff runs out. Goodluck!

Reward? "Pilgrim" Title and this cute little Plump Turkey Pet!

Spex <3

20 November, 2009

Resto Druid 3.3 ICC Changes

I never posted my thoughts on these when they first hit the forums, simply because ICC was going to be MONTHS away and I'd promptly forget about all the changes anyway.

However, logging in afew days ago and seeing my background downloader going off it's rocket (Did it download insanly fast for all you guys?) I kinda went into panic mode, as I had done exactly ZILCH reserch on the upcoming changes, and ICC looks to be weeks away, not months as I predicted.

If you're looking for the Tier10 gear, head to my previous post Found Here

And now for what the Dev's have done for/to us.

[Rebirth]: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!
I love Resurrecting people in battle. I feel so powerful, and if it's a tank, I'm TOTALLY SAVING THE DAY!

"Oh you died? Here let me get that for you! Up you go!"

And now I can do it twice as often!


[Tranquility]: The cooldown on this spell has been reduced to 8 minutes, down from 10 minutes.

So it's still pretty much useless in 25 man raids, May help abit in parties or 10 mans. I wish they would just redesign the thing. If I could throw it on a party of my choice, or if it was a casted HoT kinda thing, not a channel, I might even put it on my action bar. As it is, it sits in my spellbook gathering dust, to be brought out only for screenshots of when my raid downs a boss.

"Ok screen shot in 5...4...3..." ::Raid casts Tranquility/Levitate/Wings/Mirror Image/Army of Dead::

[Rejuvenation]: The base duration on all ranks of this spell is now 15 seconds.

This was actually originally changed to make the duration 12 seconds down from 15, as Rej is considerd Very powerful. However they decided to revert that and it's back to 15 seconds (18 talented), probably because it's going to be nerfed through this next talent change.

[Gift of the Earthmother]: Redesigned. This talent now increases spell haste by 2/4/6/8/10% and reduces the base global cooldown of Lifebloom by 2/4/6/8/10% instead of its previous effects.

Current Gift of the Earthmother: Reduces the base global cooldown of your Rejuvenation, Lifebloom and Wild Growth spells by 20%.

There is no nice way of sweet talking your way through this, acting like this is not a nerf. This is going to hurt when raid healing, if you cannot get your paws (branches?) on a bucketload of haste, to get back to a 1 second GCD.

How much haste for soft cap?

  • 735 haste rating with 3/3 Celestial Focus, Wrath of Air Totem, and Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution Aura
  • 856 haste rating with 3/3 Celestial Focus and Wrath of Air Totem only
  • 856 haste rating with Wrath of Air Totem and Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution Aura, no points in Celestial Focus
  • 936 haste rating with 3/3 Celestial Focus and Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution Aura only
  • 1063 haste rating with 3/3 Celestial Focus only, no outside buffs

Now I'm usually put on Tank healing, as we pretty much take the whole of Elwynn Forest to our raid. lots of treessss. My favorite skill is Nourish, complimented by Regrowth, Rej and LB stacks. Now the fact all my skills gain a haste bonus, means I might be able to fit in 1 more nourish before a HoT drops off, etc. I feel for tank healing this is going to be a plus, a small plus.. but a plus nether less.

I personally always found GOTEM a pain in the butt when trying to work out how much haste I should be aiming for, so the fact that it will now effect all our heals makes my napkin math a little easier to deal with. Can I mark that as a plus too?

[Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation]: This glyph allows for the druid's haste to reduce the time between the periodic healing effects of Rejuvenation.

I'm still wondering wether this is good or not.. on 1 hand, we could be getting Rej to tick every 2 seconds, but if you are keeping it up on someone then you are going to be refreshing it more often, which means thats a a GCD you could have used putting a Rej on somone ELSE. Unfortunatly I never made it to the PTR to check this out. I will probaly grab afew glyphs to keep in my bags, to test it out when I raid heal, So I guess we can swap stories then :)

In a nutshell? It's going to be REALLY fun to constantly have our Rebirth up, and a pain to get that stupid amount of haste, especially since only 2 of our Tier10 peices come with it. But we had the same issue with tier 9 and we discovered the lovely Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship, So I guess loot is my next project

mm... loooooot

Spex <3

18 November, 2009

Resto Druids Tier 10 Draft Stats

So our Tier 10 skins have been out for awhile and.. well I personally won't be showing that retardo-looking helm but take that off and the outfit is quite pretty, I particularly like the belt. Also the different ilvl sets don't vary much in color which will make mix and matching more pleasurable. /endvanitytalk

Anyways the 3 armor sets we know of are as follows

Lasherweave ilvl 251, Received from bosses in 10 man ICC
Lasherweave Gauntlets
Lasherweave Helmet
Lasherweave Legplates
Lasherweave Pauldrons
Lasherweave Robes

Sanctified Lasherweave ilvl 264, Received from bosses in 25 man ICC
Sanctified Lasherweave Gauntlets
Sanctified Lasherweave Helmet
Sanctified Lasherweave Legplates
Sanctified Lasherweave Pauldrons
Sanctified Lasherweave Robes

Sanctified Lasherweave (Heroic) ilvl 277, Received from bosses in 25 man Heroic ICC
Sanctified Lasherweave Gauntlets
Sanctified Lasherweave Helmet
Sanctified Lasherweave Legplates
Sanctified Lasherweave Pauldrons
Sanctified Lasherweave Robes

And our Bonuses?

(2) Set: The healing granted by your Wild Growth spell reduces 30% less over time.

(4) Set: Each time your Rejuvenation spell heals a target, it has a 2% chance to jump to a new target at full duration.

Take note these stats are not final, chances are blizz is going to swap and trade afew bits and pieces around, this is enough to get us excited though, right?

Yay new Tier!

Spex <3

17 November, 2009

Sometimes I am lucky

We all have our weeks where nothing goes right. Not enough raiders, The PuG's you choose are bad, They get all your gear, you go broke from repair bills, you forget to take off your chef hat, You die from the fire and you forget to turn down your particle effects so the Whelps in Onyxia make you crash, resetting all your addons you spent hours reconfiguring, and tossing you out of your healer channel so you miss your assignment next raid.

Yeah, THOSE weeks.

But.. What about lucky weeks? Do you ever have a period of time where everything goes.. Right?

I think it was planned from the start, because the first raid night for the week and our raid leader forgot to update our loot lists, so we had to /roll, when I was due for another trophy. Oh noes!!

Next raid night, 10 man ToGC. we've had a Offspec tank tanking for us that was a little uncertain about Insanity, But then he showed us up and we went ahead and got it again! (Grats to my two guildies who got it for the first time!) And I was able to snag one of the trophies to finish off my 4 piece T9. YAY! I was now relieved that another guildie got the trophy last night otherwise this one would have been wasted on offspec!

So after the trophy's are handed out, we all hold our breaths for the pretty pony and 1 lucky roll later and it is mine!

Now I have always loved the look of the hawkstriders, so a guildie and I have turned Heroic MGT and SH (For the raven) into dailies. So we trek into MGT the next day and Zing! Another Mount!

Now which one will I ride around in?!?!

As I'm deciding which will be my "main" mount, I go to hand in my fishing daily and there is a new hat!

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Has anyone else been getting any luck lately? Anyone reach 4 piece T9? any new achievements?!?

To finish up, I got bored and went on a Critter killing rampage with my Lil' K.T...

Spex <3

Healing Anub'arak in ToC

Anub'arak is the last boss in ToC and isn't actually in it at all, rather he is underneath in an icey lair, which the Lich King forces you into by smashing the floor of the colisium. This encounter consists of three phases with the whole encounter having a fast 10 min enrage timer. Oh and did i mention it's a annoying fight to heal ?

Phase 1 - Tank N Spank with adds

Where will the boss be?
The boss is at the north end of the lair, and the raid will move up there to greet him, so stick by your MT as he surges ahead, to avoid going OOR. Your tank is going to tank him roughly where he spawns and will face him away from the raid. During this phase several Adds ("Borrowers") will spawn which 1 or 2 other tanks (we use 2 OT's in 25) will be picking up. Now these adds MUST be tanked on permafrost or they will submerge and Regen their health. Permafrost are little spots of frost on the ground, caused by killing the floating balls of frost above your head. Our raid typically tanks Anub on the frost also, so the OT/s can keep the adds near the boss, allowing any DPS cone/aoe abilities to hit the adds also.

Where should I stand?
The ranged team will be grouped up behind Anub, as he has a nasty cleave. You never want to be infront of him due to this. Also try not to hang out on the permafrost as it does slow your movement speed, making it harder to move away in Phase 2.

What should I look out for?
Penetrating Cold - Throughout the whole encounter several players will be effected by this debuff. The debuff causes 3.5k damage every 3 seconds, for a total of 18 seconds. As it wears off the first few people, several others will be infected. in 10 man 2 people at a time will be affected, whilst in 25, it will land on 5 at a time.

Submerge - Approx. 90 seconds into the fight Anub will Submerge. this will start phase 2.

Phase 2 - Ruuuuuunnnnnn

Where will the boss be?
Anub has now submerged and is underground, however he is still very dangerous. During the phase, Anub is going to select a random target and move towards them, raising spikes from the ground where he is, dealing extremely high damage to anyone who gets too close. The only area he cannot reach with these spikes are the permafrost patches on the ground.

Where should I stand?
During this phase you need to be extremely aware of where Anub is at any time. Never stand anywhere near his spikes, and try to keep a permafrost in between you and Anub as often as possible, incase he targets you next.

What should I look out for?
Anub'arak's Spikes - As Anub chases random payers around the room, his spikes will deal large damage to anyone who is in his path. Watch out for victims and heal them up quick using your nourish. When he switches targets take note of where that player is so you can maneuver around safely.

Being Targeted - If Anub targets you, PANIC!! Just kidding. You need to find a patch of permafrost and get behind it, before Anub's spikes' catch up to you. The longer Anub moves between patches, the faster his movement speed becomes. Remember the permafrost also gives you a movement speed decrease so try and run around it. When he hits the ice move away again quickly, as he has been known to target the same person twice in a row.

Swarm Scarabs - These annoying bugs are going to appear from the sides of the lair, munching on anyone with a decent amount of threat over them. They do not have much health but afew of these on a castor can deal some damage. Throw Rej's around the raid to mop up this damage, giving anyone who needs a topup a Regrowth.

Phase 3 - Leeching Swarm

Phase 3 will begin once Anub hits 30% health. It is the most unusual healing experience of all ToC bosses.

Where will the boss be?
Anub will once again be tanked facing away from the raid on permafrost, so the OT's can pull the adds to him.

Where should I stand?
Ranged needs to bunch up nice and close to his hind legs, as with Phase 1.

What should I look out for?
Leeching Swarm - This phase is all about burning the boss down fast, or he will simply heal up again and your healers will get overwhelmed. At 30% Anub'arak is going to release a swarm of insects that will leech 10% of every raiders current HP, giving it back to Anub. This means if you are at 20k health, Anub is going to heal up 2k. but if you had say, 8k health, he will only heal up 800hp.This makes this a very hard to heal fight as the less HP the raid has, the faster he's going to go down. My guild usually trys to keep every raid member (minus the tank/s) at 6k health, and no more then half their usual HP. If you're on raid healing, give your assignments a Rej each, and use WG when the raid dips down too low.

Penetrating Cold - Penetrating cold will still be around, so those affected will need to have more health to cushion them from the Leeching Swarm. Give them a Regrowth as well as the usual Rej to top them up abit and for the extra HoT.

Any Healing Assignments?
For a 25 man raid we will use 2 healers on the MT, and 1 healer on each OT (or 2 healers if we only use 1 OT.) Rest on raid. During phase 3 we assign the raid healers for specific parties, etc 1 healer takes parties 1-2, etc. We get 1 healer to focus more on penetracting cold victims also, to avoid overhealing.

When should my raid pop Heroism/Bloodlust?
My guild will usually pop it at tthe start of Phase 3. Alternatively, We will use it earlier to avoid another Phase 2 or "borrow" phase.

With that said, goodluck on your last boss and congratulations on your clear!

Spex <3>
Wow Slang Dictionary

OOR - Out Of Range
OT - Off Tank
MT - Main Tank
Rej - Rejuvenate
WG - Wild Growth

15 November, 2009

Healing the Twin Val'kyr in ToC

Fjola Lightbane and Edyis Darkbane are the two Val'kyr that make up this fight. These twins share a health pool and do not hit very hard. The raid damage makes up for this, however, so be sure to keep all those Rej's up during the encounter to mop it up.

Where will the Boss be?
Upon speaking to the NPC you will be able to see where the Twin's stand, as well as the 4 portals, two light, two dark, around the room. My guild tanks the twins where they appear, while some guilds prefer to move them closer to the center of the room. Ask your tanks where they plan on tanking them so you won't go OOR.

Where should I stand?
Our raid splits up into two groups DPS wise, half will take the Light essence and DPS Darkbane, and the rest will take the Dark essence and DPS Lightbane. The healers will also be split in half, however, our healers take the essence color that is opposite to our groups. The reason we do this is so we can get any floating balls of OUR color, before they get to our group, dealing damage to them. Healers will need to spread out to "protect" certain areas of the room, besides that, just stay in range of your tanks :)

What should I look out for?
Raidwide Damage - You are going to have fun if you are raid healing, cause there is constant damage to the raid for this fight. You will want to use your Rej and WG as much as possible. 5 Rej's then 1 WG is the best rotation to use, using your SM or Regrowth for spike damage any raiders may take. If you have not hit your 4 piece T9 bonus yet, revert back to your 4 piece T8 bonus for this fight. Since spamming Rej's can get expensive where mana is concerned, you may want to switch your idol for Idol of Awakening also.

Black and White Orbs - During the encounter, a mass of these will appear around the wall of the coliseum and start to float around the raid. Getting hit by one of these balls will destroy it, as well as giving you an effect. Touching a color which is the same as your essence will give you a stacking buff. Once this buff reaches 100 it will give you a massive power buff and increase your haste. Getting hit by a ball of the opposite color will deal massive damage to you. 2-3 of these in a row can take a tree out, so be careful! If you see raid members taking damage off these, Give them a Nourish if they are pretty low, or a Regrowth for the HoT it leaves behind.

Vortex - A special ability that one of the twins will cast. When this happens, every single person in the raid will need to switch to the same color as the Twin. The Twin will start casting a AOE which does quick mass damage to anyone that does not share the same essence as them. The cast is 8 seconds secs long, after which you may return to the essence you had previously, if you needed to switch. If a raid member neglects to change color you may be able to save him using some fast nourishes, or your NS+HT combo, But don't feel bad if you cannot save him/her.

Twin's Pact - During this cast, all DPS will need to switch their essences accordingly and DPS whichever twin is casting this. As a healer there is no need for you to switch essence, The affected Twin's Tank will be taking increased damage so more focus will be needed. After the shield has been broken, the DPS will switch back to their previous essence and the tank will take less damage once again.

Any Healing Assignments?
We place either one or two healers on each tank, and the remaining healers on the raid. Our healers are in charge of grabbing orbs of the color opposite to our group, to minimize raid damage.

When should my raid Heroism/Bloodlust?
We use hero on the second shield or "Twins Pact" that the twins cast.

Spex <3

WoW Slang Dictionary

OOR - Out Of Range
AOE - Area Of Effect
NS - Natures Swiftness
HT - Healing Touch
SM - Swiftmend
Rej - Rejuvenate
WG - Wild Growth

11 November, 2009

Healing Faction Champions in ToC

Faction champions is a PVP Arena-styled encounter. The fight consists of beating a NPC team from your opposite faction. In 25 man you will face 10 players, In 10 man you will face 6. Yes, All at once. These players will be a random assortment of race and classes, each with abilities natural to their class. For Example, Rogues have shadow step, Warlocks have Hellfire. Too see the full list of champions you may face, and the abilities they use, Check out the table found here. To defeat this arena-like team, your raid will be using lots of CC and will be single targeting mobs to kill.

Where will the Boss be?
The champions will jump down from the rafters, from your opposite factions benches (See the Horde and Alliance banners?). Usually on the pull all your CC will land around this area, Then as your raid starts picking off random mobs you will progress around the room in a unorganised fashion. Since knowing where all these champions are going to be is impossible, be sure to zoom all the way out to make sure you're a safe distance from them.

If you have not altered your camera view distance now is a very good time. Type this into your console, and it will allow you to zoom out much further then the Default UI allows.

/console cameraDistanceMax 50

Where should I stand?
Again, as there is no defined place for all the champions to be, You are going to have to pay close attention to whats going on around you in order to keep safe. I have found hanging out in my guild's frost trap is good insurance so if I get targeted by a mob, I can get away quick enough while kiting them through.

What should I look out for?
Being Targeted - Do you have a way to see who is targeting you? If you are being targeted you need to react fast, cause as a squishy tree, you may not be the best tank :( If you see a melee coming for you pop your Barkskin and Natures Grasp, and then run! dump a Rej and few LB's on yourself so if it catches up, you can SM yourself fast to stay alive. If it's a Castor on your tail and it's 1. not being locked down by someone else, or 2. Not being selected to kill just yet, Then get out your Cyclone for afew seconds of peace. You can re-cyclone the same mob 3 times but due to diminishing returns (Yay PVP!) The mob will be Immune to that type of CC for 15 seconds after the 3rd cast.

Squishy Friends being Targeted - If it's a Castor in your raid that's being targeted by a mob, Pop a Rej on them for the SM backup, then spam nourish until they are safely away. Feeling like helping out abit more in the Arena aspect? If it's melee that's attacking them root them in place, if's it's a Castor, Cyclone them.

Dispells - Alot of the Faction Champs will rain debuffs on your crew, which you will need to keep ontop of. Do NOT neglect your Decursive/Grid for this encounter.

Random Acts of Doom - This is another "Watch your feet" tip. Some melee with do whirlwind, which we know hurts. ALOT. If you get the warlock he will Hellire every so often, so get away from him! This is a fast paced and "messy" feeling fight so your quick, zippy Nourish, Rej and WG HoT's will most likely be your top spells to use.

Any Healing Assignments?
We do not use healing assignments as such, but we do get some healers to focus more on healing, and others focusing more on dispelling for this encounter. Healers will just want to stay spread out, keeping in range of as many raid members as possible.

A very fun fight, Goodluck!

Spex <3

WOW Slang Dictionary

CC - Crowd Control
Rej - Rejevenate
WG - Wild growth
SM - Swiftmend

Healing Lord Jaraxxus in ToC

Lord Jaraxxus is the second boss in the Trial of the Crusader raid instance and starts off with him destroying a innocent little gnome. This encounter is heavy healing with lots of raid damage going on. As a druid you should be in your element as you work those hots throughout the raid.

Where will the boss be?

Lord Jaxx will be picked up in the very center of the room by your MT. Your OT will be picking up other adds around the room though, in the approx. location that they spawn.

Where should I stand?
All ranged should organize themselves into groups of 2 or 3 around the room in a large circle, making sure all raid members have access to heals. Due to this spreading out, some healers may be out of range of raid members during the encounter, so when you have been assigned a group and a spot around the circle, take special note of who is in your group, and the groups on either side of you. It is going to be your responsibility to keep them alive.

What should I look out for?
Fel Lightning
- The reason why you will all be split into little groups is due to this. Jaxx will target a random ranged member and hit them with this lightning, which will then chain to anyone within 10 yards. Use Rej's, LB's or your WG to mop up the groups that take this damage and, throughout the encounter, as you dodge adds and flames, be sure to always move back to your original position to avoid a mass chain lightning effect.

Legion Flame - A debuff that will target random ranged or melee targets. It will tick for large amounts of damage and leave a aoe effect on the ground, causing addition pain for anyone willing to sticka round in one. If someone has the debuff they will need some good strong heals. A regrowth and a Rej or LB stacks is a good starter, and keep an eye on them incase they need a Nourish or two. If YOU get the debuff you need to turn around and run towards the wall behind you, leaving the trail of doom safe away from your friends. As you are running be sure to give yourself some LB's and a Rej, as you are going to run OOR of healers around you.

Incinerate Flesh - A ticking timebomb that does raidwide damage to a random target. The way to get rid of it is to simply heal the debuff off. If a raid member gets this you need to get heals on them right away. It will be all overhealing but do not stop until the buff wears off. 10 man raids will need to heal it's targets Approx. 30k to get it off, and 60k in 25 man raids. Nourish is your friend here as it will give you the large fast heals you need, no time for HoT's. If YOU get this debuff, It is probably a good idea to call it out, and make sure you are in range of as many other healers as possible, so they can help you get rid of it.

Nether Portal - These portals will appear during the fight and will spawn a Mistress of Pain. She will target a random player every so often, tossing them in the air and inflicting damage equal to 1/2 their max HP. Be ready to top up her victims with a Nourish or Rej+SM combo.

Fel Volcano - These get summoned by Lord Jaxx and do AOE effect damage to anyone standing within 10 yards. Be sure to dodge these if one spawns near you, And use your WG's for any groups that get hit. These volcanos will also spawn fel inferno's, dealing more damage to your OT.

Any Healing assignments?

In a 25 man raid we will assign 2 healers on each tank and the remaining 1 or 2 on raid healing. My guild do not assign Legion Flame or Incinerate Flesh healers as range can sometimes be an issue with this fight. If you are in range of these targets, do your bit and help out.

Goodluck and have fun!

Spex <3

Wow Slang Dictionary

WG - Wild Growth
Rej - Rejevenate
SM - Swiftmend
LB - Lifebloom
MT - Main tank
OT - Off tank
HoT - Heal/s over Time
OOR - Out Of Range
AOE - Area of Effect

09 November, 2009

Healing Northrend Beasts in ToC

Just a heads up, I know that most of us have completed ToC so this may come as a little information a little too late. However, I've recently had a bucketload of people hitting 80 on their tree alts, and since "noone does naxx or ulduar anymore" (Excuses!!~) This seems to be the first raid they go to play in. These guides will come out, one each day, for the 5 bosses in ToC and will cover both 10 and 25 man aspects, but NOT any hardmode ones.

Northrend Beasts have three phases, or rather, three different bosses, one after another. As each boss dies, the next one will enter the arena so you will not get much of a breath between them.

Phase 1 - Gormok

Where will the boss be? My guild usually tanks Gormok right in the very center of the room, However other guilds will sometimes tank him at the door he enters from, So be sure to ask your tank where he plans on standing so you don't start the fight OOR.

Where should I stand? All ranged players will be spread out in a semicircle around Gormok, So make sure you are in range of your raid, and not clumped together.

What should I look out for?
Staggering Stomp - This will inflict damage on all the melee, and if you are casting when this goes off it will lock your heals for around 8 seconds. Use the DBM warning as a tip to throw afew LB's or Rej's on your melee, So you are not casting, and save your WG's for the melee after his spell goes off, to mop up damage.

Impale ticks on the tanks - The tanks will be playing hot potato with the boss, The first one tanking till a certain number of impale stacks are on him, then the other tank will take over while the first ones stacks wears off (or gets a BoP, etc). You MUST remember to keep the heals on Both tanks during this phase, due to this Impale! This is especially important when gormok goes down, the boss may be dead but your tank/s are still going to be taking damage. No rest for us!

Snobolds - These annoying things will jump on random targets throughout the phase, and prevent you from casting any spells. The snobolds don't do much damage so give their targets a regrowth and rej and they will be ok. If YOU get a snobold, you must run to join the melee, as they will be in charge of getting it off you. Let people know you have a snobold on you so the other healers can cover for you while you are temporarily locked down.

Fire Bombs - These will be thrown onto random ranged targets and will deal alot of damage to anyone sticking around in their AOE effect on the ground. Make sure you keep away from these fires and get ready to Nourish or Rej+SM it's targets, they will need fast healing.

Phase 2 - Acidmaw and Dreadscale

Where will the boss be? Acidmaw will enter from the left side and will be tanked where he is, Dreadscale however, enters from the right and will slowly be kited around the room, as he leaves a gas cloud behind him ever so often

Where should I stand? Ranged will usually stand in the middle of the room, allowing the tanks to face their worms towards the walls. Both worms do a high damage ability to anyone infront of them so always check to make sure you're not one of them! Ranged will also need to stay spread out as much as possible so at the start of this phase, do a /range 11 and keep that distance away from your friends!

What should I look out for?
Gas cloud - Dreadscale will leave a gas cloud every so often so keep out of it as it does damage. When he first places it the melee will need additional healing as they get out of it. These clouds will slowly fade as the fight continues.

Burning Bile - Spat out from Dreadscale, (the worm being kited) This will coat the target and any ones near him (remember to spread out!) With a Burning Bile. Targets of this will need a nice amount of heals, Afew Nourishes and Regrowths while the Bile is on them. If YOU have a Bile, you need to check around the raid for anyone with a Toxin (they will be green). Standing next to someone with a toxin will remove it from them, standing next to ANYONE will deal damage. The bile will eventually drop off.

Paralytic Toxin - Spat from Acidmaw, this will coat the target, and any ones near him, with a Toxin. Targets of this will again need additional healing, and this toxin needs to come off VERY FAST as it will also plant a stacking debuff and slowly lock out movement and spells. If YOU have a toxin get to a Burning Bile target FAST, and call out that you have it also, so they can head over to you also. As a tree the Burning Bile will be the only way to remove a Toxin on you.

1 worm down - When one of the worms die, The other will become enraged so the tank on this worm will need massive healing. The other tanks healers will need to switch to help keep him alive.

Phase 3 - Icehowl

Where will the boss be? Icehowl will usually just get tanked where he comes in at the door. he flings people about abit so he will most likely never be in the same place.

Where should I stand? As with the other 2 phases, ranged needs to stay spread out, in a semicircle around him.

What should I look out for?
Artic Breath - Icehowl will choose a random target and do a cone effect, freezing anyone in front of him, and inflicting damage. If you are not frozen get heals on those effected fast. WG and rej's work well. You cannot do much if you are frozen so make sure the healers are not all clamped together so they can cover for frozen ones.

Massive crash - Icehowl will randomly jump into the middle of the room, then send the raid flying ino the walls of the coliseum. This does damage to every raid member and stuns everyone for approx. 5 secs. Use all the time you can in Phase 3 to pre-hot people for when this happens and when you see him jump into the middle of the room, use your WG to mop up damage while the raid is stunned. Now icehowl is going to choose a random target and at the end of the 5 seconds, he is going to charge at them. if you, or anyone near you, is targeted, you need to move out of his path so he will hit the wall, and not any raid members. You will get a movement increase buff for afew seconds to help out, but if he hits someone he will enrage which may result in a wipe.

Whirl - He will random spin around while being tanked and will deal a small amount of damage to melee range. use your rej, LB or WG to mop up that damage.

Any healing assingments?
In a 25 man raid, assign 2 healers on each tank then 1 or 2 on raid healing for phase 1 and 2. On phase 3 It will be more FFA as healers being frozen may result in neglected assingments.

Goodluck trees!

Spex <3

WoW slang Dictionary

Rej - Rejevenate
WG - Wild Growth
SM - Swiftmend
LB - Lifebloom
BoP - Bless of Protection (Pally Spell)
BDM - Deadly Boss Mods (wow addon)
OOR - Out Of Range
FFA - Free for all