15 November, 2009

Healing the Twin Val'kyr in ToC

Fjola Lightbane and Edyis Darkbane are the two Val'kyr that make up this fight. These twins share a health pool and do not hit very hard. The raid damage makes up for this, however, so be sure to keep all those Rej's up during the encounter to mop it up.

Where will the Boss be?
Upon speaking to the NPC you will be able to see where the Twin's stand, as well as the 4 portals, two light, two dark, around the room. My guild tanks the twins where they appear, while some guilds prefer to move them closer to the center of the room. Ask your tanks where they plan on tanking them so you won't go OOR.

Where should I stand?
Our raid splits up into two groups DPS wise, half will take the Light essence and DPS Darkbane, and the rest will take the Dark essence and DPS Lightbane. The healers will also be split in half, however, our healers take the essence color that is opposite to our groups. The reason we do this is so we can get any floating balls of OUR color, before they get to our group, dealing damage to them. Healers will need to spread out to "protect" certain areas of the room, besides that, just stay in range of your tanks :)

What should I look out for?
Raidwide Damage - You are going to have fun if you are raid healing, cause there is constant damage to the raid for this fight. You will want to use your Rej and WG as much as possible. 5 Rej's then 1 WG is the best rotation to use, using your SM or Regrowth for spike damage any raiders may take. If you have not hit your 4 piece T9 bonus yet, revert back to your 4 piece T8 bonus for this fight. Since spamming Rej's can get expensive where mana is concerned, you may want to switch your idol for Idol of Awakening also.

Black and White Orbs - During the encounter, a mass of these will appear around the wall of the coliseum and start to float around the raid. Getting hit by one of these balls will destroy it, as well as giving you an effect. Touching a color which is the same as your essence will give you a stacking buff. Once this buff reaches 100 it will give you a massive power buff and increase your haste. Getting hit by a ball of the opposite color will deal massive damage to you. 2-3 of these in a row can take a tree out, so be careful! If you see raid members taking damage off these, Give them a Nourish if they are pretty low, or a Regrowth for the HoT it leaves behind.

Vortex - A special ability that one of the twins will cast. When this happens, every single person in the raid will need to switch to the same color as the Twin. The Twin will start casting a AOE which does quick mass damage to anyone that does not share the same essence as them. The cast is 8 seconds secs long, after which you may return to the essence you had previously, if you needed to switch. If a raid member neglects to change color you may be able to save him using some fast nourishes, or your NS+HT combo, But don't feel bad if you cannot save him/her.

Twin's Pact - During this cast, all DPS will need to switch their essences accordingly and DPS whichever twin is casting this. As a healer there is no need for you to switch essence, The affected Twin's Tank will be taking increased damage so more focus will be needed. After the shield has been broken, the DPS will switch back to their previous essence and the tank will take less damage once again.

Any Healing Assignments?
We place either one or two healers on each tank, and the remaining healers on the raid. Our healers are in charge of grabbing orbs of the color opposite to our group, to minimize raid damage.

When should my raid Heroism/Bloodlust?
We use hero on the second shield or "Twins Pact" that the twins cast.

Spex <3

WoW Slang Dictionary

OOR - Out Of Range
AOE - Area Of Effect
NS - Natures Swiftness
HT - Healing Touch
SM - Swiftmend
Rej - Rejuvenate
WG - Wild Growth

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