11 November, 2009

Healing Faction Champions in ToC

Faction champions is a PVP Arena-styled encounter. The fight consists of beating a NPC team from your opposite faction. In 25 man you will face 10 players, In 10 man you will face 6. Yes, All at once. These players will be a random assortment of race and classes, each with abilities natural to their class. For Example, Rogues have shadow step, Warlocks have Hellfire. Too see the full list of champions you may face, and the abilities they use, Check out the table found here. To defeat this arena-like team, your raid will be using lots of CC and will be single targeting mobs to kill.

Where will the Boss be?
The champions will jump down from the rafters, from your opposite factions benches (See the Horde and Alliance banners?). Usually on the pull all your CC will land around this area, Then as your raid starts picking off random mobs you will progress around the room in a unorganised fashion. Since knowing where all these champions are going to be is impossible, be sure to zoom all the way out to make sure you're a safe distance from them.

If you have not altered your camera view distance now is a very good time. Type this into your console, and it will allow you to zoom out much further then the Default UI allows.

/console cameraDistanceMax 50

Where should I stand?
Again, as there is no defined place for all the champions to be, You are going to have to pay close attention to whats going on around you in order to keep safe. I have found hanging out in my guild's frost trap is good insurance so if I get targeted by a mob, I can get away quick enough while kiting them through.

What should I look out for?
Being Targeted - Do you have a way to see who is targeting you? If you are being targeted you need to react fast, cause as a squishy tree, you may not be the best tank :( If you see a melee coming for you pop your Barkskin and Natures Grasp, and then run! dump a Rej and few LB's on yourself so if it catches up, you can SM yourself fast to stay alive. If it's a Castor on your tail and it's 1. not being locked down by someone else, or 2. Not being selected to kill just yet, Then get out your Cyclone for afew seconds of peace. You can re-cyclone the same mob 3 times but due to diminishing returns (Yay PVP!) The mob will be Immune to that type of CC for 15 seconds after the 3rd cast.

Squishy Friends being Targeted - If it's a Castor in your raid that's being targeted by a mob, Pop a Rej on them for the SM backup, then spam nourish until they are safely away. Feeling like helping out abit more in the Arena aspect? If it's melee that's attacking them root them in place, if's it's a Castor, Cyclone them.

Dispells - Alot of the Faction Champs will rain debuffs on your crew, which you will need to keep ontop of. Do NOT neglect your Decursive/Grid for this encounter.

Random Acts of Doom - This is another "Watch your feet" tip. Some melee with do whirlwind, which we know hurts. ALOT. If you get the warlock he will Hellire every so often, so get away from him! This is a fast paced and "messy" feeling fight so your quick, zippy Nourish, Rej and WG HoT's will most likely be your top spells to use.

Any Healing Assignments?
We do not use healing assignments as such, but we do get some healers to focus more on healing, and others focusing more on dispelling for this encounter. Healers will just want to stay spread out, keeping in range of as many raid members as possible.

A very fun fight, Goodluck!

Spex <3

WOW Slang Dictionary

CC - Crowd Control
Rej - Rejevenate
WG - Wild growth
SM - Swiftmend

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