03 November, 2009

...Did you say Love Rocket?

Oh yes, for those who’ve always wanted to zoom about on a gigantic stick of candy floss, good news!

mmochampion have just released sneak pics of two new mounts, to be released with patch 3.3, with gossip that the pink rocket may be a rare drop from the "Love is in the Air" valentines event. Yay new mounts! /squeal

Let’s hope if that is the case, it’s a better drop rate then the stupid Hallows End mount.

Seriously, did ANYONE score The Horseman's Reins this year?

Spex <3


  1. Sweet - I have the red and blue, I'm definitely going to try for the pink! :D

  2. Oh we just got an update from MMO-Champion

    The Big Love Rocket will drop off Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep during the "Love is in the Air festival", And it wil earn you an Achievement "Big Love Rock"