17 November, 2009

Healing Anub'arak in ToC

Anub'arak is the last boss in ToC and isn't actually in it at all, rather he is underneath in an icey lair, which the Lich King forces you into by smashing the floor of the colisium. This encounter consists of three phases with the whole encounter having a fast 10 min enrage timer. Oh and did i mention it's a annoying fight to heal ?

Phase 1 - Tank N Spank with adds

Where will the boss be?
The boss is at the north end of the lair, and the raid will move up there to greet him, so stick by your MT as he surges ahead, to avoid going OOR. Your tank is going to tank him roughly where he spawns and will face him away from the raid. During this phase several Adds ("Borrowers") will spawn which 1 or 2 other tanks (we use 2 OT's in 25) will be picking up. Now these adds MUST be tanked on permafrost or they will submerge and Regen their health. Permafrost are little spots of frost on the ground, caused by killing the floating balls of frost above your head. Our raid typically tanks Anub on the frost also, so the OT/s can keep the adds near the boss, allowing any DPS cone/aoe abilities to hit the adds also.

Where should I stand?
The ranged team will be grouped up behind Anub, as he has a nasty cleave. You never want to be infront of him due to this. Also try not to hang out on the permafrost as it does slow your movement speed, making it harder to move away in Phase 2.

What should I look out for?
Penetrating Cold - Throughout the whole encounter several players will be effected by this debuff. The debuff causes 3.5k damage every 3 seconds, for a total of 18 seconds. As it wears off the first few people, several others will be infected. in 10 man 2 people at a time will be affected, whilst in 25, it will land on 5 at a time.

Submerge - Approx. 90 seconds into the fight Anub will Submerge. this will start phase 2.

Phase 2 - Ruuuuuunnnnnn

Where will the boss be?
Anub has now submerged and is underground, however he is still very dangerous. During the phase, Anub is going to select a random target and move towards them, raising spikes from the ground where he is, dealing extremely high damage to anyone who gets too close. The only area he cannot reach with these spikes are the permafrost patches on the ground.

Where should I stand?
During this phase you need to be extremely aware of where Anub is at any time. Never stand anywhere near his spikes, and try to keep a permafrost in between you and Anub as often as possible, incase he targets you next.

What should I look out for?
Anub'arak's Spikes - As Anub chases random payers around the room, his spikes will deal large damage to anyone who is in his path. Watch out for victims and heal them up quick using your nourish. When he switches targets take note of where that player is so you can maneuver around safely.

Being Targeted - If Anub targets you, PANIC!! Just kidding. You need to find a patch of permafrost and get behind it, before Anub's spikes' catch up to you. The longer Anub moves between patches, the faster his movement speed becomes. Remember the permafrost also gives you a movement speed decrease so try and run around it. When he hits the ice move away again quickly, as he has been known to target the same person twice in a row.

Swarm Scarabs - These annoying bugs are going to appear from the sides of the lair, munching on anyone with a decent amount of threat over them. They do not have much health but afew of these on a castor can deal some damage. Throw Rej's around the raid to mop up this damage, giving anyone who needs a topup a Regrowth.

Phase 3 - Leeching Swarm

Phase 3 will begin once Anub hits 30% health. It is the most unusual healing experience of all ToC bosses.

Where will the boss be?
Anub will once again be tanked facing away from the raid on permafrost, so the OT's can pull the adds to him.

Where should I stand?
Ranged needs to bunch up nice and close to his hind legs, as with Phase 1.

What should I look out for?
Leeching Swarm - This phase is all about burning the boss down fast, or he will simply heal up again and your healers will get overwhelmed. At 30% Anub'arak is going to release a swarm of insects that will leech 10% of every raiders current HP, giving it back to Anub. This means if you are at 20k health, Anub is going to heal up 2k. but if you had say, 8k health, he will only heal up 800hp.This makes this a very hard to heal fight as the less HP the raid has, the faster he's going to go down. My guild usually trys to keep every raid member (minus the tank/s) at 6k health, and no more then half their usual HP. If you're on raid healing, give your assignments a Rej each, and use WG when the raid dips down too low.

Penetrating Cold - Penetrating cold will still be around, so those affected will need to have more health to cushion them from the Leeching Swarm. Give them a Regrowth as well as the usual Rej to top them up abit and for the extra HoT.

Any Healing Assignments?
For a 25 man raid we will use 2 healers on the MT, and 1 healer on each OT (or 2 healers if we only use 1 OT.) Rest on raid. During phase 3 we assign the raid healers for specific parties, etc 1 healer takes parties 1-2, etc. We get 1 healer to focus more on penetracting cold victims also, to avoid overhealing.

When should my raid pop Heroism/Bloodlust?
My guild will usually pop it at tthe start of Phase 3. Alternatively, We will use it earlier to avoid another Phase 2 or "borrow" phase.

With that said, goodluck on your last boss and congratulations on your clear!

Spex <3>
Wow Slang Dictionary

OOR - Out Of Range
OT - Off Tank
MT - Main Tank
Rej - Rejuvenate
WG - Wild Growth

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