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11 November, 2009

Healing Lord Jaraxxus in ToC

Lord Jaraxxus is the second boss in the Trial of the Crusader raid instance and starts off with him destroying a innocent little gnome. This encounter is heavy healing with lots of raid damage going on. As a druid you should be in your element as you work those hots throughout the raid.

Where will the boss be?

Lord Jaxx will be picked up in the very center of the room by your MT. Your OT will be picking up other adds around the room though, in the approx. location that they spawn.

Where should I stand?
All ranged should organize themselves into groups of 2 or 3 around the room in a large circle, making sure all raid members have access to heals. Due to this spreading out, some healers may be out of range of raid members during the encounter, so when you have been assigned a group and a spot around the circle, take special note of who is in your group, and the groups on either side of you. It is going to be your responsibility to keep them alive.

What should I look out for?
Fel Lightning
- The reason why you will all be split into little groups is due to this. Jaxx will target a random ranged member and hit them with this lightning, which will then chain to anyone within 10 yards. Use Rej's, LB's or your WG to mop up the groups that take this damage and, throughout the encounter, as you dodge adds and flames, be sure to always move back to your original position to avoid a mass chain lightning effect.

Legion Flame - A debuff that will target random ranged or melee targets. It will tick for large amounts of damage and leave a aoe effect on the ground, causing addition pain for anyone willing to sticka round in one. If someone has the debuff they will need some good strong heals. A regrowth and a Rej or LB stacks is a good starter, and keep an eye on them incase they need a Nourish or two. If YOU get the debuff you need to turn around and run towards the wall behind you, leaving the trail of doom safe away from your friends. As you are running be sure to give yourself some LB's and a Rej, as you are going to run OOR of healers around you.

Incinerate Flesh - A ticking timebomb that does raidwide damage to a random target. The way to get rid of it is to simply heal the debuff off. If a raid member gets this you need to get heals on them right away. It will be all overhealing but do not stop until the buff wears off. 10 man raids will need to heal it's targets Approx. 30k to get it off, and 60k in 25 man raids. Nourish is your friend here as it will give you the large fast heals you need, no time for HoT's. If YOU get this debuff, It is probably a good idea to call it out, and make sure you are in range of as many other healers as possible, so they can help you get rid of it.

Nether Portal - These portals will appear during the fight and will spawn a Mistress of Pain. She will target a random player every so often, tossing them in the air and inflicting damage equal to 1/2 their max HP. Be ready to top up her victims with a Nourish or Rej+SM combo.

Fel Volcano - These get summoned by Lord Jaxx and do AOE effect damage to anyone standing within 10 yards. Be sure to dodge these if one spawns near you, And use your WG's for any groups that get hit. These volcanos will also spawn fel inferno's, dealing more damage to your OT.

Any Healing assignments?

In a 25 man raid we will assign 2 healers on each tank and the remaining 1 or 2 on raid healing. My guild do not assign Legion Flame or Incinerate Flesh healers as range can sometimes be an issue with this fight. If you are in range of these targets, do your bit and help out.

Goodluck and have fun!

Spex <3

Wow Slang Dictionary

WG - Wild Growth
Rej - Rejevenate
SM - Swiftmend
LB - Lifebloom
MT - Main tank
OT - Off tank
HoT - Heal/s over Time
OOR - Out Of Range
AOE - Area of Effect

22 October, 2009

A Tribute to Insanity Beasted

So this was my 2nd week in 10 man Trial of the Grand Crusade. Last time we made it to the cache with 25 attempts left and this week…

50 Attempts left? Oh yeah!

Afew deaths dotted around each fight, but no wipes and lots of shaky hands at the end of Anub’s defeat! Our makeup was DK and Paladin tanks, Shaman, Paladin and Druid healers, and DPS we had a Moonkin, two Rogues, an Arcane Mage and a Shadowpriest.

So what dropped? 4 Trophies of the Crusade, a Caster mace, a cute lil’ pony mount, and a Sexy caster cloak which I was lucky enough to snag!

Shawl of Fervent Crusader, Heartcrusher, Swift Alliance Steed, Swift Alliance Steed x4

Grats to my raid for a “Tribute to Insanity”

Anyone else been lucky enough to snag this ach? Celebrate with me!

Spex <3

08 September, 2009

Opps! Out of Gold Again

Most people will experience this at some point. With Ulduar Hardmodes, and Trial of the Grand Crusader, lots of wipes means lots of gold spent, and all that new gear you're getting needs enchants and gems, not to mention the flasks, buff food and potions you need to last you through each evening. So with all that excitement going on about us, It is fair enough that we are all feeling abit burnt out in our pockets.

So I just wanted to kindly remind afew friends of the easier ways to make money.

Dailies - I know, they are horrible, get boring fast and require you to travel to stupid places. But they all give 10-20 gold each, and can help you with your Professions, Reputation and unlock some other miscellaneous cute stuff such as pets and mounts. The idea is to find something you want besides the cash. For example I really want that cute Kulak fishing pole, and that ridiculous looking chef hat. The money I get from the dailies, to me, is just a hidden bonus from my main agenda. (fashion, by the sounds of things).

Farming - Another gross idea. Mining, Herbing and Fishing are again boring. I try and jazz things up by running with a friend. Hop on vent and chat, or grab a hot/cold tasty drink and put on some good music. Try and use it as a relaxing way to end the night with your guildies, instead of a boring grind session. You may come to enjoy that time of day (Could you be so lucky?)

Farming side note: I personally find that Outland and Azeroth materials tend to sell for more then Northrend ones, as more people farm NR ones, and people wanting to powerlevel professions don't mind paying a little extra for oldschool mats.

Playing AH - Eternals cheap? Buy them all, wait afew days and then put them back up. Alternatively, make a character on your other factions side, and compare prices. Crusader and Runed orbs prices seem to vary the most on my server, so check both factions and see if you can make a profit. Just be aware of the neutral AH costs when transferring them over, and the costs of putting them up in your own AH.

Professions - Remember the 3k it cost you to level up engineering from 1-450? Why are you not making back the money? JCer's cut popular gems and sell them. Tailors make bags, Netherweave are best. Eternal Belt Buckles sell well, and if you have Inscription and Enchanting, you will find alot of people will pay alot for enchants that they can buy out on the AH, to save having to mess about with finding an enchanter, working out a tip, etc. Also Darkmoon cards sell well, either individually, or as a deck.

Profession side note: Always burn your Cooldowns. Tailors, make your specialized cloth. Alchemists, transmute your gems into the epic ones, etc. Most cooldowns will attract a nice wad of cash from the AH.

Farm Oldschool Raids - Some old bosses still give a nice amount of gold. get a friend and go beat up Onyxia (50g) or get a party and go kill magtheridon (500g). You can sell the loot for additional funds and get afew achievements along the way.

Heroics – The drops sell nicely, or DE into decent mats for your next enchant, the emblems you can use to buy orbs and gems to sell on the AH and you can get a small amount of gold and cloth from the trash and bosses.

Get Loremaster – Those quests get you some nice money and all the loot can be vendored, auctioned or, disenchanted etc. Start in Northrend and work your way backwards, so you can open up all your dailies and do them alongside your questing. You will need A LOT of time for this.

Till next time

Spex <3

01 September, 2009

Who do you battlerez?

Hypothetically, from a 25 man raid point of view. You are in Trial of the Crusader and one of those Giganto worm things has taken out a Mage, Hunter, Priest and Pally. You have checked your Rebirth and it is not on cooldown. But this is where it gets a bit daunting. Is it a wipe? Should you save your battlerez? Who should you get up? ARGH!

A druids rebirth is one very powerful spell that should be used frequently and sparingly. At the same time. But who should we use it on? I have unconsciously made a checklist which I usually go through every time a raid member hits the floor.

Are they Tanking anything?

Are they Healing?

Do they have a specific job? (Picking up Mimiron’s core, Activating Razors turrets etc)

Are they a druid with an available Rebirth?

Is it a wipe?

This means that when a Tank, Healer or Druid dies, I usually will get them up quick smart. This is a good thing. It also means that when my fellow Rogues, Hunters, Ret Paladins etc die, I will most likely pretend they don’t exist. And I don’t even mean to do it! I don’t have a grudge against Mages, I just won’t Battle Rez one unless I’m told to by a raid leader/guild officer.

Anyone else got a checklist of who deserves my rebirth?

And Oh here are some tips which I should do also….

Communicate – If you are Rebirthing someone, Say who you are battlerezzing so the healers can get ready to top them up and the Rebirthee can get ready to take the rez. If your raid does not know your voice, state who you are. “Spex, battle rezzing John”. Maybe I should make a /rw macro for my vent-shy moments…….

Are you the Rebirthee? – Don’t accept the resurrection during XT’s temper tantrum, during Hodirs frozen blows etc. When you do accept it, eat your health cookie or bandage yourself, to get abit of health back, and be sure to get all your self-buffs up before you get back to pew pewing.

Care for your Rebirthee – Let them know if it’s unsafe to rebirth. You might have just been targeted by General V’s Shadow Crash and moved after you finished casting, but it’s not going to be very welcoming for your raid member if you neglect to tell him this. Once they are up, give them your innervate if they can benefit from it, and you can do without it, give them a Mark of the Wild and Thorns if they are a tank.

Use Natures Swiftness – Especially if they are a tank. The longer the tank is down for, the more likely it’s going to be a wipe, so use this alongside Rebirth to get them up FAST.

Rebirth saves you from Walking! - Did you just die on a boss like General Vezax, which takes FOREVER to walk to? (I am lazy) Waste this baby on a class that can resurrect if you didn’t get any DI’s up. They can hit resurrect when the boss resets (providing you rebirthed them from a safe place). Definitely not the best way to spend it.

Spex <3

24 August, 2009

General Vezax Hardmode for Resto Druids

We’ve all heard it, Druids are OP healers, etc etc. But maybe we are just um.. Smart?

General V is great for druids. We may not have the huge mana pools that our fellow healers have (I’m look at you duspaly, with your 30k unbuffed mana pool) but we have a variety of powerful heals, in the forms of HOT’s, that just keep on ticking away long after we casted away the precious mana. But there are few other sneaky tricks we can do too. The next time you try General hardmode try this out:

LB in the black - And sabotage your heals? Not really. Cast 2 stacks of Lifebloom on the tank IN the shadow crash. This reduces the mana cost by 50% and will reduce the heals by 75%, But now, step outside the black and cast your 3rd LB. suddenly the stacks are ticking for their normal amount, not reduced, your bloom will kick back for the full amount and you will still get mana return from it. I have noticed it’s not 50% mana return though, more like 25, which I guess is understandable otherwise us druids would just be gaining mana instead of losing it.

Idol of Awakening – Reduces mana cost of your Rejuvenation spell by 104. Self explanatory.

Dark runes – Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life. An item any mana user can enjoy, with a CD of 15 mins, enough for 1 per try, It’s a nice bit of additional mana. You can pick these up off random mobs in Scholomance.

Fel Mana Potions - Restores 3200 mana over 24 sec, but at a cost. Also reduces spell damage by 25 and healing done by 50 for 15 min. Unfortunately the recipe is a drop off mobs in Shadowmoon Valley so if you are not up for farming for it, check your AH.

Flask of Distilled Wisdom – Increases your Intellect by 64 for 1 hour. If your mana pool is low this might serve better then your frost wyrm.

Spark of Hope – Will reduce the base mana cost of all your spells, by 42. Self explanatory.

To your pally and priest friends – Get them to shield in the shadow crashes. Since it’s damage absorption, not healing, the effect won’t be reduced, only the mana cost :D

General tips: Always keep Rejuvenation up on the tank, and use lifeblooms to top off raid members who got hit by shadow crash or suffered Life leech damage. Use regrowth at times where the tank health dips low, and take a nice wad of bandages with you, to use on the raid or your tank, if you predict you’re gonna idle for abit. You are gonna burn your mana fast when the Animus spawns so try and stay above 80% mana for when he does.

Please note: While Omen of Clarity used to proc during this fight, making meleeing him favorable for the odd free heal, since patch 3.2 It will no longer proc during the General Vezax encounter.


Spex <3

23 August, 2009

When is a good time to start hardmodes?

Every raid guild has this important decision to make. When they are going to start doing hard modes in Ulduar, which ones will they attempt, and even, if they will bother with hard modes at all.

For some guilds, it’s organized dates and goals. 3 Full clears and it’s time for hard modes. Other guilds are jumping into hard modes when they have not meet Yogg Saron yet, or even General Vezax.

If you are attempting hard modes I would suggest you plan it. Tell your raid that you will be doing XT hard mode and give a time frame also, for example, 1 hour. If you cannot do it in that time, perhaps it’s time to move on and kill him normally, before you break moral and make your raiders dread coming back tomorrow.

Some fights are a DPS race, for example Hodir down in 3 minutes. Do some calculations and work out how much DPS you need as a whole, and individually, to get through these encounters. You know you are ready for hard mode when your DPS are reaching their goal for that fight.

Others require individual skill and good teamwork abilities, to get you through. Flame lev requires good timing/sync with demo drivers, passengers, and choppers, as well as everyone being able to stay out of the dumb, kite the boss correctly and the whole “I need more PYRITE!” too. Try these ones out when every one of your raiders has had experience in this fight, and communicate often during it.

Yogg Saron, Freya and Flame Lev are a great introduction to Hard Modes, as they will allow you to ease into it slowly. Try FL with 1 tower and if you rocked at it, try it next time with 2 or 3.

There is no book that tells you when you are ready for hard mode, and some can be frustrating to work on. You will wipe often and your repair bills will be large. But it’s a fantastic way to jazz up Ulduar, now that its’ starting to become a local “Farming” place, and the loot is nothing to be snubbed at.

So which to start with? Personally I found Flame Lev to be the best one to shoot for first, followed by XT.

I wish you all the best! Goodluck!

Spex <3

19 August, 2009

T9 getting confusing!

Pretend that there was a idol that gave you a flat 234 sp, now pretend that I have it. Jealous?

This idol is Crazy. Just keeping 2 rej’s up (1 on each tank?) and this idol will proc constantly having no cool down, giving you 100% uptime on a 234 sp buff. And this idol affects all our healing spells, not just the one, like our previous favorites. I would highly suggest this be your first Triumph badge purchase!

For the boomkins, you get to drool over a near-constant +200 crit rating proccing from moonfire damage, which has come just in time for us using both eclipses in our rotations!

And now coming back to the T9. It’s abit confusing with all these new gears coming out so for those that have taken a break and missed the first train, here is where you can find all this gear!

Tier 9, also known as 9.1 or 9.25 gear. ilvl 232

Malfurion's Headpiece of Conquest

Malfurion's Robe of Conquest

Malfurion's Leggings of Conquest

Malfurion's Spaulders of Conquest

Malfurion's Handguards of Conquest

This set can be bought from the Triumph Armor vendor in the Argent tournament grounds, using Triumph Badges. The full set of 5 will cost you 210 badges. These badges are rewards from the Heroic Dailies and also drop in the new instance, Trial of the crusader, in 10, 25, normal and heroic versions.

Tier 9.2, also known as 9.5. ilvl 245

Malfurion's Handguards of Triumph

Malfurion's Headpiece of Triumph

Malfurion's Leggings of Triumph

Malfurion's Robe of Triumph

Malfurion's Spaulders of Triumph

Next set up, this set can be bought, again at the Argent grounds, and each piece will cost a certain number of Triumph badges PLUS 1 Trophy of the Crusade. So the full set will cost you 5 trophies and 315 badges. The trophy is obtained in 25 normal mode ToC, as well as the 10 man heroic version.

Tier 9.3, also known as 9.75, ilvl 258

Malfurion's Spaulders of Triumph

Malfurion's Robe of Triumph

Malfurion's Leggings of Triumph

Malfurion's Headpiece of Triumph

Malfurion's Handguards of Triumph

Last and most powerful set, found at the argent grounds these are obtained using armor tokens, just like your T7 and T8 were obtained. None of these tokens can be bought using badges though and these only drop in the 25 man heroic version of ToC.

Hope I didn't confuse you that much :)

Spex <3