26 November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiv.... er, Pilgrim's Bounty!

Every year WoWer's can enjoy Thanksgiving online from November 22nd till November 28th. This is more exciting for me as I do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you guys really eat candied sweet potato's?

Anyways, As this event is very achievement based - lets check out what you gotta do.

Food Fight - Bountiful tables can be found at all your factions capital cities. Choose a seat at a table and check out your action bar. your No. 1 key gives you the ability to pass a dish to another person sitting at the table, since the table is rather large and you are probably sitting closer to the dish then them, so you can share it around! Use this skill to pass it to someone, and if you throw too much at them, it will indeed knock them on the head.

Sharing Is Caring - Another "Pass the Dish" Achievement. You need to be able to pass every single type of dish around the table. So musical chairs time! each chair has 1 assigned dish, so sit at each one to pass it around. There are 5 types of food you need.

Pilgrim's Paunch - To get the "spirit is sharing" buff you need to eat 5 servings of every food on the table. if there are no people to pass the different dishes to you, just bounce into each individual chair, eat whats available, then repeat for all 5 dishes.

Now We're Cookin' - At the major faction's cities there will be a vendor that sells Bountiful Cookbook, this opens up all the recipes that you need to complete this achievement. you simply need to cook the 5 different kinds of foods.

Cranberry Chutney
Pumpkin Pie
Candied Sweet Potato
Slow-Roasted Turkey
Spice Bread Stuffing

*Note the turkey needs cooking level 280, the rest require lower levels.

Pilgrim's Peril - The Robe, Dress and Attire are rewards from the cooking dailies this holidays give. You only need to wear 1 item, and be sure to put it on before you go rampaging into any territory that may get you flagged and in combat. Best done at night or with a bunch of friends.
  • Orgrimmar - At main gates (Won't flag you)
  • Thunderbluff - At the main lifts (You will get flagged)
  • Undercity - Inside the main gates, to the left (You will get flagged)
  • Silvermoon - In front of the city gates, close to Stillwhisper pond (Won't flag you)
  • Stormwind - A bit down the road from the city's entrance (Won't flag you)
  • Ironforge - To the right of the city gates (Won't flag you)
  • Darnassus - At the back of the Warrior's Terrace, inside the city (You will get flagged)
  • Exodar - At the second city entrace coming from the dock, Just inside the outer city wall (You will get flagged)
Terokkar Turkey Time - I did this as Resto with a Fury Warrior friend, and the instance was Extremely simple to do. Probably solo-able at 80 but considering everyone needs to go there, grab a friend or two to make things easier. Remember you need to wear the hat as well as a chestpiece.

Turkey Lurkey - Alliance are always easy to get on my server. Just sit in the Dalaran bank or at the Flight Path, and/or ask in general for the whereabouts of any Rogues. The horde on my server, however, are pretty much extinct and they like to hang out JUST out of range in Sunreavers Sanctuary, to tease us. To counter this I mainly sat on top of the horde building in Dalaran, to Ninja-Shoot them. Surprise!

The Turkinator - My American friends did not do this without getting cranky at least once during their attempts. Best to do it first thing in the morning, or extremely late at night. The turkeys can be found wandering aimlessly abut Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades. You need to kill 40 turkeys in total, each turkey must be killed within 30 seconds of the previous one. You get a stacking debuff to let you know how many you have killed and how much time until the debuff runs out. Goodluck!

Reward? "Pilgrim" Title and this cute little Plump Turkey Pet!

Spex <3


  1. Finally killed 40 turkeys in succession LATE AT NIGHT!!



  2. oh look theres my qt warrior in that vid of turkeys suiciding. i luv the turkey pets!! lol

  3. Suicide turkey is hilarious man! lol