07 November, 2009

Everyone is asleep.. Now what?

So it's been a long night raiding, no plans to go out with friends and no reason to get up before lunchtime tomoro. Most of your guild has gone to bed and so the few that are on are all sitting In dalaran, bowing to panda's and waiting 10 mins for the stupid squirrel to spawn so KT can freeze it again /yawn. Another night on wow.

Today I decided to Jazz things up abit so I made a game. Please be aware that at the time of the game, it was 3am...

SO first, grab some guildies that are as bored as you and, with afew stacks of alcohol in your bags, meet up on the ledge of the Violet Citadel steps. Might be abit tricky to get up there, jumping at an angle down the steps works well.

Now we are all in position, it's race time! At this point everyone is to drink till they are "Completly Smashed"

Now the plan is to run around the back of the violet citadel, staying on the ledge. you can mount sprint, blink etc but you gotta stay on that ledge! And if your alcohol drops back to drunk, remember to have another drink!

So ready.. Set.. GO!!

If you fall one way, you will hit the path and be disqualified, or you can run to the start, hop back up and start again.

If you fall the other way, you might fall out of Dalaran and may die, or you may hit the little ledge below, so you can still mount back up and rejoin.

..Told you it had been a long day..

Anyone else get crazy "I'm bored" ideas? Please post :D

So enough games. After our stupidity and afew deaths, we went sightseeing, and I never noticed how pretty blizzard made our sky! heres some postcard-worthy shots.

Spex <3

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