09 November, 2009

Healing Northrend Beasts in ToC

Just a heads up, I know that most of us have completed ToC so this may come as a little information a little too late. However, I've recently had a bucketload of people hitting 80 on their tree alts, and since "noone does naxx or ulduar anymore" (Excuses!!~) This seems to be the first raid they go to play in. These guides will come out, one each day, for the 5 bosses in ToC and will cover both 10 and 25 man aspects, but NOT any hardmode ones.

Northrend Beasts have three phases, or rather, three different bosses, one after another. As each boss dies, the next one will enter the arena so you will not get much of a breath between them.

Phase 1 - Gormok

Where will the boss be? My guild usually tanks Gormok right in the very center of the room, However other guilds will sometimes tank him at the door he enters from, So be sure to ask your tank where he plans on standing so you don't start the fight OOR.

Where should I stand? All ranged players will be spread out in a semicircle around Gormok, So make sure you are in range of your raid, and not clumped together.

What should I look out for?
Staggering Stomp - This will inflict damage on all the melee, and if you are casting when this goes off it will lock your heals for around 8 seconds. Use the DBM warning as a tip to throw afew LB's or Rej's on your melee, So you are not casting, and save your WG's for the melee after his spell goes off, to mop up damage.

Impale ticks on the tanks - The tanks will be playing hot potato with the boss, The first one tanking till a certain number of impale stacks are on him, then the other tank will take over while the first ones stacks wears off (or gets a BoP, etc). You MUST remember to keep the heals on Both tanks during this phase, due to this Impale! This is especially important when gormok goes down, the boss may be dead but your tank/s are still going to be taking damage. No rest for us!

Snobolds - These annoying things will jump on random targets throughout the phase, and prevent you from casting any spells. The snobolds don't do much damage so give their targets a regrowth and rej and they will be ok. If YOU get a snobold, you must run to join the melee, as they will be in charge of getting it off you. Let people know you have a snobold on you so the other healers can cover for you while you are temporarily locked down.

Fire Bombs - These will be thrown onto random ranged targets and will deal alot of damage to anyone sticking around in their AOE effect on the ground. Make sure you keep away from these fires and get ready to Nourish or Rej+SM it's targets, they will need fast healing.

Phase 2 - Acidmaw and Dreadscale

Where will the boss be? Acidmaw will enter from the left side and will be tanked where he is, Dreadscale however, enters from the right and will slowly be kited around the room, as he leaves a gas cloud behind him ever so often

Where should I stand? Ranged will usually stand in the middle of the room, allowing the tanks to face their worms towards the walls. Both worms do a high damage ability to anyone infront of them so always check to make sure you're not one of them! Ranged will also need to stay spread out as much as possible so at the start of this phase, do a /range 11 and keep that distance away from your friends!

What should I look out for?
Gas cloud - Dreadscale will leave a gas cloud every so often so keep out of it as it does damage. When he first places it the melee will need additional healing as they get out of it. These clouds will slowly fade as the fight continues.

Burning Bile - Spat out from Dreadscale, (the worm being kited) This will coat the target and any ones near him (remember to spread out!) With a Burning Bile. Targets of this will need a nice amount of heals, Afew Nourishes and Regrowths while the Bile is on them. If YOU have a Bile, you need to check around the raid for anyone with a Toxin (they will be green). Standing next to someone with a toxin will remove it from them, standing next to ANYONE will deal damage. The bile will eventually drop off.

Paralytic Toxin - Spat from Acidmaw, this will coat the target, and any ones near him, with a Toxin. Targets of this will again need additional healing, and this toxin needs to come off VERY FAST as it will also plant a stacking debuff and slowly lock out movement and spells. If YOU have a toxin get to a Burning Bile target FAST, and call out that you have it also, so they can head over to you also. As a tree the Burning Bile will be the only way to remove a Toxin on you.

1 worm down - When one of the worms die, The other will become enraged so the tank on this worm will need massive healing. The other tanks healers will need to switch to help keep him alive.

Phase 3 - Icehowl

Where will the boss be? Icehowl will usually just get tanked where he comes in at the door. he flings people about abit so he will most likely never be in the same place.

Where should I stand? As with the other 2 phases, ranged needs to stay spread out, in a semicircle around him.

What should I look out for?
Artic Breath - Icehowl will choose a random target and do a cone effect, freezing anyone in front of him, and inflicting damage. If you are not frozen get heals on those effected fast. WG and rej's work well. You cannot do much if you are frozen so make sure the healers are not all clamped together so they can cover for frozen ones.

Massive crash - Icehowl will randomly jump into the middle of the room, then send the raid flying ino the walls of the coliseum. This does damage to every raid member and stuns everyone for approx. 5 secs. Use all the time you can in Phase 3 to pre-hot people for when this happens and when you see him jump into the middle of the room, use your WG to mop up damage while the raid is stunned. Now icehowl is going to choose a random target and at the end of the 5 seconds, he is going to charge at them. if you, or anyone near you, is targeted, you need to move out of his path so he will hit the wall, and not any raid members. You will get a movement increase buff for afew seconds to help out, but if he hits someone he will enrage which may result in a wipe.

Whirl - He will random spin around while being tanked and will deal a small amount of damage to melee range. use your rej, LB or WG to mop up that damage.

Any healing assingments?
In a 25 man raid, assign 2 healers on each tank then 1 or 2 on raid healing for phase 1 and 2. On phase 3 It will be more FFA as healers being frozen may result in neglected assingments.

Goodluck trees!

Spex <3

WoW slang Dictionary

Rej - Rejevenate
WG - Wild Growth
SM - Swiftmend
LB - Lifebloom
BoP - Bless of Protection (Pally Spell)
BDM - Deadly Boss Mods (wow addon)
OOR - Out Of Range
FFA - Free for all





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