17 November, 2009

Sometimes I am lucky

We all have our weeks where nothing goes right. Not enough raiders, The PuG's you choose are bad, They get all your gear, you go broke from repair bills, you forget to take off your chef hat, You die from the fire and you forget to turn down your particle effects so the Whelps in Onyxia make you crash, resetting all your addons you spent hours reconfiguring, and tossing you out of your healer channel so you miss your assignment next raid.

Yeah, THOSE weeks.

But.. What about lucky weeks? Do you ever have a period of time where everything goes.. Right?

I think it was planned from the start, because the first raid night for the week and our raid leader forgot to update our loot lists, so we had to /roll, when I was due for another trophy. Oh noes!!

Next raid night, 10 man ToGC. we've had a Offspec tank tanking for us that was a little uncertain about Insanity, But then he showed us up and we went ahead and got it again! (Grats to my two guildies who got it for the first time!) And I was able to snag one of the trophies to finish off my 4 piece T9. YAY! I was now relieved that another guildie got the trophy last night otherwise this one would have been wasted on offspec!

So after the trophy's are handed out, we all hold our breaths for the pretty pony and 1 lucky roll later and it is mine!

Now I have always loved the look of the hawkstriders, so a guildie and I have turned Heroic MGT and SH (For the raven) into dailies. So we trek into MGT the next day and Zing! Another Mount!

Now which one will I ride around in?!?!

As I'm deciding which will be my "main" mount, I go to hand in my fishing daily and there is a new hat!

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Has anyone else been getting any luck lately? Anyone reach 4 piece T9? any new achievements?!?

To finish up, I got bored and went on a Critter killing rampage with my Lil' K.T...

Spex <3

1 comment:

  1. OMG chicken mount!!! so sexy gratz on it btw :D only took us couple weeks to get it 4 yah! next to get raven lord mount woo

    and omg so mean to that poor kitty kat thats what u was doing when u randomly invited me to go into naxx lawl

    Felias :P