25 October, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I live in Australia, where we do not get to enjoy the thrill of dressing up in white curtains, knocking on stranger’s door and eating things like “Candy Corn” and “Candied Apple”

So naturally this holiday is always a lot of fun for me, since I cannot celebrate IRL ::sadface::

Here is what is in store for us:

Visiting Inns around Azeroth, Outland and Northrend will yield you candy and gold! You can visit each candy bucket once, and will receive, from each one, approx. 6 gold and a “handful of candy”, A container which holds some yummy treats.

Trick Or Treat! – This is what It is all about. Visiting a innkeeper once an hour will give you the chance of receiving a Treat bag full of goodies, or get turned into..Something.. Like Worms and Ghosts.

- Sinister Squashling Another pet for your collection! Rare drop from the Headless Horseman, a Daily in the SM Graveyard, Alternatively from the Treat bag from Innkeepers

- Soothing Spearmint Candy, Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball, G.N.E.R.D.S. Wicked buff food, each can be found in Treat Bags or Handful Of Candy. All these foods stack with each other, and also with your flasks and normal food buff food/feasts, Making this a perfect addition to your raid consumables. The buff they give also stacks to 4, so make sure you max it out.

- Rickety Magic Broom, Flying Broom Fun Brooms to whizz around in! 2 types, both scale with your skill, so if you have Flying trained yours will indeed lift off the ground in Outland and Northrend. Unfortunately these do disappear after the holiday.

Happy Holidays!

Spex <3

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