22 October, 2009

A Tribute to Insanity Beasted

So this was my 2nd week in 10 man Trial of the Grand Crusade. Last time we made it to the cache with 25 attempts left and this week…

50 Attempts left? Oh yeah!

Afew deaths dotted around each fight, but no wipes and lots of shaky hands at the end of Anub’s defeat! Our makeup was DK and Paladin tanks, Shaman, Paladin and Druid healers, and DPS we had a Moonkin, two Rogues, an Arcane Mage and a Shadowpriest.

So what dropped? 4 Trophies of the Crusade, a Caster mace, a cute lil’ pony mount, and a Sexy caster cloak which I was lucky enough to snag!

Shawl of Fervent Crusader, Heartcrusher, Swift Alliance Steed, Swift Alliance Steed x4

Grats to my raid for a “Tribute to Insanity”

Anyone else been lucky enough to snag this ach? Celebrate with me!

Spex <3

1 comment:

  1. We actually got this last week too!

    Except we got a wolf mount ;-)