12 June, 2009

R.I.P Glyph of Innervate

It used to be considered selfish to use innervate on yourself. It was not a skill you would use personally; rather you would save it for the healing priests in your party. But I did not mind much. When cruising in Naxx the only time I felt I needed that additional mana (And still do!) Was Kel Thuzard, due to his annoying Detonate Mana and my luck in getting spammed by it.

However, due to 3.1, Ulduar, mana regen and lifebloom changes, I have found that most Ulduar fights are pretty healing intensive, and I’m finding myself needing to use innervate on myself to get through it. Now the Glyph of innervate gives you approx. 3.1k extra mana, and seems I’m using the whole innervate on me, I have felt that that additional chuck is no longer worth the glyph slot.

So, after a good 4-5 months of using Glyph of Innervate, the time has come to throw it away and replace it with something fresh and new. I choose Glyph of Wild Growth, which adds 1 additional target to get hit by Wild Growth.

R.I.P Glyph of innervate. You were my best friend for many a Naxx run

Spex <3

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