26 June, 2009

Happy Midsummer Fire!

So us nerdy overachiever's have found something to occupy ourselves with. But this festival has some pretty neat bonuses too!

  • Over 800 gold to be made by honoring your factions fires around Azeroth, Outland and Northend, And desecrating your enemy faction's ones.
  • [Captured Flame], A cute little wispy vanity pet that can be bought with the Midsummer currency.
  • [Fire-toasted Bun], [Elderberry Pie], [Toasted Smorc], [Midsummer Sausage], Wicked buff food, each can be bought with the Midsummer currency. All these foods stack with each other, and also with your flasks and normal food buff food/feasts, Making this a perfect addition to your raid consumables.
  • New Threads!
I advise the poor to make the most of the money to be made, Northend and Outland being the easiest, fastest ways of making the cash. Also be sure to fill your bags full of those delicious snacks to go. The extra 30 haste and 44 spellpower is to good to shrug away!

Spex <3

Edit: The Midsummer Sausage in wowwiki says it adds 23 spell dmg. this is not true. The sausage adds 30 haste for 1 hour. Silly wiki >.<