01 June, 2009

In-Game Games

It all started two weeks ago when updating an addon on Curse.com, I first discovered Bejeweled. For those who don’t know what it is, Bejeweled is one of those games on the same level as Tetris, where you need to match up the same colored blocks by moving them about a bit. So I decided to download the addon and give it a whirl.

And what a great and bad idea it is! The game automatically opens when you hop on a taxi, ready to give you some colorful action for the duration of your flight, And is a great way to pass the time while the Raid Leader is explaining to the new guy how Heigan works. Unfortunately I discovered that you get “skillups” while I was playing during an Naxxramas bossfight, which happily announced to the guild that I had hit the next level (And therefore, was playing the game in the first place)(Opps!!) Also, for awhile I have been playing on a less-then-average computer so after Mimiron wipes usually hang out dead and wait for someone to come res me. Again, perfect time to crank out the Bejewled.

But the games have gotten better! Peggle was an instant big hit, when a guild member introduced it to us this week, as it comes with the ability to play against other people with that addon, and is a little more discreet about high scoring. I guess the concern in the guild is when the Raid Leader is giving a quick run-through on Hodirs’ abilities, those of us that have downed him before are all secretly playing peggle against each other behind his back, not taking in a thing he is saying. Could this be bad? Definitely. At this stage with Ulduar I believe we can all still be learning abit from the easier bosses, and trying out new strats, theories etc. Will I continue to play peggle during those lectures? Probably, I mean I can play and listen at the same time right? ....Right?

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