16 June, 2009

What are you carrying?

I am constantly finding that I am out of bag space. I have no idea –How- I aquire so much junk but sure enough 2-3 times a day I go to loot something only to have this span across my screen.

Your inventory is full.

Sifting through my semi-organised bags, I have realized only my backpack has free room for looted items.

So what is taking up the other 85+ spaces?

PVP set (8 piece)

Moonkin set (5 pieces)

Additional Trinkets – I actually carry 8 trinkets on me at all times. Time and place for each J

Reagents – And not just Wild Spineleaf either. I’m talking Dust for mages, Symbols of Kings for pallies etc. I am like a walking reagent vendor as I cannot STAND hearing “Oh I forgot reagents, brb” outside boss rooms.

Consumables – Great and Fish feasts, Potions, Flasks, Elixirs, Health/Mana food etc.

Fishing rod, Detectors and Hat – Incase I feel the need to bore myself.

Toy Train Set + Wind-Up Train Wreaker – So I can put down a train before DESTROYING it again.

Piccolo of Flaming Fire – For silly in-raid dance parties.

Elegant Dress, Spring Robes, Pirate Costume, Bunny Ears, Festive dress, Tuxedo – For silly in-raid dress-up parties. Oh and for chilling in Dal.

Racing cars, Paper plane kit, Toy gorillas, Ragdoll, Battle robots, Happy Fun Rocks – Yay Toys!!

Elune stones, Blossoming Branches, Candy bags, Black Roses, Crashin’ thrasher, Snowballs, Preserved Holly – Assorted holiday crap never gets old.

Baby Spice – For bosses and gnomes in pvp.

Mailbox, Repair Bots, Army Knife – I’m Mr. Handy man!

Gear upgrades – Which I’m not wearing yet cause I keep forgetting to gem/enchant.

Romance Novels – these come out at raid times.

Wound Dressing – Ingame joke. I borrowed someone’s shirt and never gave it back.

Gift Wrapping – In 3 different colors! Perfect when sending little gifts to my friends ^.^

I mean there are definitely benefits of carry every little scrap of crap you find in the world. Fishing is a great pastime when your hearths on cool down, and I always have something amusing to bring out during “Afk” breaks, for people to play with. And who doesn’t enjoy being shrunk, being spammed by Leather Balls and Happy Fun Rocks, and forced to wear bunny ears and choo choo while you dance? HMM?

Anyways, the point of this post is, I miss the times when snowballs knocked you over :(

Spex <3


  1. I carry almost a whole bag of Kreeg's Stout Beatdown. I'm not ready to give it up! I also and the one who picks up all the greens and unloved epics on our guild 25 man runs to DE, so my bag can overflow with crap that isn't going to be mine too. I'm always making Yakra (husband, GM, and tank) stop what he is doing and unloading a page of Kreeg's Stout on him. Thank goodness I don't carry separate gear for PvP!

    Welcome to the WoWBlogSphere and <3 the favicon!

  2. Thankyou for the warm welcome Aertimus and lol@the booze!!

    Luckily I'm not the DE'er in my raids so I can offload my greens to the mt. I'm not as nice as you thuogh, usually I wait till he pulls to open trade ;)

    Spex <3