20 June, 2009

"I don't know this fight..."

“I have not done this fight, what does he do?”

This is when people do /sit, pull out their trains, alt tab to check mail, grab coffee, order pizza. He may as well have said “take a 10 min break” or accidentally pulled, causing the first wipe. At this stage some other raid member gets the fun time of explaining the fight to the “new” guy, which normally leads to heated discussions and small arguments in regards to describing all aspects of the Unknown fight, that Mr. Newbie is about to be thrown into.

When my guild raids, we have a rule that you need to be logged on your Raid ready char (not an alt) 15 mins prior to start time. In our particular case we have a start time of 9.00pm. That means be logged in ready at 8.45pm and be buffed up and pulling the first trash/boss at 9.00pm.

We also have a unwritten rule that you “Come Prepared” But I guess this is when the area gets shady. What does “being prepared” mean? To some, It means being online around 9, ready to get a raid invite and be summoned into the instance.

In MY perfect raiding world, this is what being “prepared” would consist of.

Before 9.00pm you:

  • Are online on your character you will be raiding with.
  • Have a few stacks of Potions, Health and any class specific ones you might use (Mana, Rage, Wild Magic, Haste etc).
  • Have your correct flasks.
  • Have checked your reagent stocks and bought extra just in case.
  • Have specific Buff food to your class.
  • Have the appropriate amount (and more) of ammo, soul shards etc.
  • Have in your bag any item sets you would be wearing, all of which are fully Gemmed, Enchanted and Repaired.
  • Are fully capable of getting into the instance by your own means.
  • Understand what fights you will be getting yourself into, have read a guide/watched a video or had prior experience fighting each boss.
  • Have loaded and updated DBM and any class specific add-ons you use while raiding.

Now, some of these people can slack off on. People can always help summon the slow pokes to the entrance, and some nice raid members (Thankyou Tristan, Spex) always seem to have a endless supply of feasts. Also repair bots are available (Thanks Donna, Spex). But.. if they were not available, who has come unprepared? The cooks with no fish? Or the individuals with no food buff?

So am I ranting? Maybe. But when I go raiding I bring feasts, repair bots, a mailbox, other class reagents and flasks, and heaps of potions.. Can you at least visit tankspot.com? wowwiki? Please?

Spex <3

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