17 June, 2009

WTB More Haste!

Is it my luck in Ulduar or is there a bucketload more Crit gear hiding in these bosses pockets?

Raiding in T7gear, The 4 set bonus was that Nourish healed for an additional 5% of any HOT’s placed on your target. Now, pair this up with the Glyph of Nourish, which increased this % by 6, And assuming(?) that you have already rained down HOT’s on your tank/raid, nourish spam was a wise choice. The fact that I started turning into abit of a pally healer, spamming nourish through the roof, made crit a pretty nice idea for me, so was happy to stack it. That T7 bonus is the reason why I still raid with afew pieces of T7 gear, with my T8 gear sitting in my bag. I just don’t believe the handful of extra stats is worth the loss of the T7 bonus.

However, check out the T8 4 set bonus!

(4) Your Rejuvenation spell also provides an instant heal on your target.

Now that, is HOTness. Right there. No more waiting 3 seconds for the first tic, It happeneds right away! It is a instant 2k(ish) heal and the first druid instant heal we have received! (Note: NS is not an instant heal, it makes your next skill instant. GCD = Time peoples! :D)

So, this bonus lets me believe that Blizz does not want me to be a pally, but to become a druid healer again, raining rej’s on the raid…

So why does Blizz insist on offering me sooo much crit gear. Three of the Five T8.5 pieces hands out crit, Most of the top items for Resto Druids contain Crit (My wish list to come out at a later date). I even saw a pair of Boots of Hasty Revival That’s right. Haste in the name and it stills gives crit.

I believe that in the days of Naxx, with Nourish coming out of the closet, Crit was a better stat to have. I feel that in Ulduar, Haste will be the winner, to decrease my GCD's. For my Mana's sake, I let Lifebloom bloom, so spend more time restacking that, And I plan on using Rej like there is no tomorrow when I get 4 peices, Goodbye Snipers!

But it is going to be a challenge getting all this haste, with crit bleeding from all the bosses eardrums.

Spex <3

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  1. NS doesn't trigger the GCD. You can macro NS+HT for an instant heal. Of course that's only once every three minutes. The instant rejuv tick does sound nice :)