02 July, 2009

Playing with Addons - OPie

OPie! A cute little addon created to help reduce clutter in your ui.

So lately I have caught the Addon train and gone bonkers with downloading heaps of useless and useful addons. My theory is that your UI is like your Bedroom, Desk or you personal computer Wallpaper. you are going to be putting up with it for a LONG time, so may as well personalise it, moulding it into something you enjoy staring at. ^.^

So with that said, the first addon for show & tell is

"OPie is a radial action-binding addon, enabling you to bind groups of infrequently used actions to a ring that appears when you trigger it using a hot key / mouse binding."

I originally found this when I was on my mage, and thorougly annoyed at staring at 14 portal/teleport buttons, all those silly shields and dmg absorbtions that I never used anyways. I wanted to hide them during raids, along with my hearthstone, mounts, professions etc. OPie was perfect. My mage now has 8 buttons showing in her raid setup, everything else is tucked away, but with easy access. So do you like the little wheel up the top there? that's OPie! and how I assign raid icons

More information and download can be found at Curse.

Annnddd let me show you how you set it up! Do you have your buttons that you want hidden?

Ok, typing in /opie in your chat will open up your addons menu. Click "Create new Ring" and give it a name!

Grab and drop any items, skills or macros you want on your ring. Assign it a key or mousebutton and Save.

And you are done! When you want to access the hidden buttons, hold down the assigned key, which will open up the ring wherever your mouse curser is. Hover over your choice, and release the assigned key for it to take effect!

Spex <3

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