23 July, 2009

Easy Not as Fun

So I did 25 flame lev with 2 towers, and got given the task to be launched onto flame lev to tackle his turrets. Now. In 10 man the only time my guild had tried this, the drivers missed, the victims went splat and spent the fight kissing the floor. So, naturally, when I found out what I was gonna be doing, I was freaked out and prepared to grab a coffee while waiting for the raid to finish the fight and resurrect me.

It turns out the fight is much more fun when riding on flame's back then a demo's. I was one of the first people to get launched, My driver was fantastic (Thankyou <3)) and I made in onto Flame lev alive! After giving myself and the 2 others hots (Where did the dmg come from?), I got on with the job of DOTing and Wrathing the crap out of the turrets. After they were all down I found myself paracuting to the ground, where a guildie in his cute chopper found me, ready to take me to a gunner-empty demo. I spent the rest of the fight amazed that I was still alive, and pew pewing Flame, since my demo's pyrite was fine and flame lev was nearly dead.

Now, Flame Lev had become a bore for me and suddenly it was fun, which lead me to ask, Why do things the easy way, when it's not as fun?

Heigan, there used to be a exploit where you could stand on a certain spot in the room and not have to "dance", And the popular way to do Sarth+3 now, is to just burn him at the start, and deal with the drakes after. I am not saying there are "correct" and "incorrect" strategy's but, I mean, if the point of the heigan fight is to dance, where is the fun in standing there?

I'm looking forward to doing Flame Lev again, and I encourage any guilds that do it the lazy way to give Member Launching a whirl. You're gonna be doing ulduar ALOT so jazz things up abit and play the game how blizz wants you to! you might get that excitement back into your weary raid.

Oh a side note, Phoenix, an Alliance guild, was the first to down Algalon on my server, so Congratulations to you guys!

Spex <3

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