11 July, 2009

Blizz went Blarg

But this is not a rant!

Most WoW players will be aware of the Authenticating, Connecting, Crashing issues. A lot more then 2 cents has been posted on the official forums about it (Found here!) And the trend seems to be that Battle.net accounts -Seem- to have no issues logging in.

It also came up that in time, Blizzard will require us all to have battle.net accounts, due to their new account system whatever-it-is. More information (however vague) Can be found here!

Is this a round-about fashion for Blizz to get us to convert to battle.net accounts early? Get the ball rolling? Hmm.

So I decided to be a Test subject and see what happen If I did it.

The website is battle.net. I created an account (Don’t worry, it was free. Payment would have made me hesitate!) And promptly received my verification email.

After that, I headed to my new “Shiny?” Battle.net account management page, where I could then merge with my wow account. Another verification email, verified and It was done!

As a sidestep, a friend gave me a website link for a free ingame Battlebot! No signups, Just advertising on the page. (I could really do with some mountain dew..) And It told me that my pet was waiting ingame for me!

Soooo Now it was time to check out what damage I had done to my account. I try and log in and..

“Connection Successful!!!”

So, In a nutshell, I signed up for a battlenet account, I really want some soda, all my characters have received a free, interactive pet, and I am chilling in Dalaran. Normality has returned.

I guess I am a conformist /sigh. But anyways. Catch you ingame!

Spex <3

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