01 September, 2009

Who do you battlerez?

Hypothetically, from a 25 man raid point of view. You are in Trial of the Crusader and one of those Giganto worm things has taken out a Mage, Hunter, Priest and Pally. You have checked your Rebirth and it is not on cooldown. But this is where it gets a bit daunting. Is it a wipe? Should you save your battlerez? Who should you get up? ARGH!

A druids rebirth is one very powerful spell that should be used frequently and sparingly. At the same time. But who should we use it on? I have unconsciously made a checklist which I usually go through every time a raid member hits the floor.

Are they Tanking anything?

Are they Healing?

Do they have a specific job? (Picking up Mimiron’s core, Activating Razors turrets etc)

Are they a druid with an available Rebirth?

Is it a wipe?

This means that when a Tank, Healer or Druid dies, I usually will get them up quick smart. This is a good thing. It also means that when my fellow Rogues, Hunters, Ret Paladins etc die, I will most likely pretend they don’t exist. And I don’t even mean to do it! I don’t have a grudge against Mages, I just won’t Battle Rez one unless I’m told to by a raid leader/guild officer.

Anyone else got a checklist of who deserves my rebirth?

And Oh here are some tips which I should do also….

Communicate – If you are Rebirthing someone, Say who you are battlerezzing so the healers can get ready to top them up and the Rebirthee can get ready to take the rez. If your raid does not know your voice, state who you are. “Spex, battle rezzing John”. Maybe I should make a /rw macro for my vent-shy moments…….

Are you the Rebirthee? – Don’t accept the resurrection during XT’s temper tantrum, during Hodirs frozen blows etc. When you do accept it, eat your health cookie or bandage yourself, to get abit of health back, and be sure to get all your self-buffs up before you get back to pew pewing.

Care for your Rebirthee – Let them know if it’s unsafe to rebirth. You might have just been targeted by General V’s Shadow Crash and moved after you finished casting, but it’s not going to be very welcoming for your raid member if you neglect to tell him this. Once they are up, give them your innervate if they can benefit from it, and you can do without it, give them a Mark of the Wild and Thorns if they are a tank.

Use Natures Swiftness – Especially if they are a tank. The longer the tank is down for, the more likely it’s going to be a wipe, so use this alongside Rebirth to get them up FAST.

Rebirth saves you from Walking! - Did you just die on a boss like General Vezax, which takes FOREVER to walk to? (I am lazy) Waste this baby on a class that can resurrect if you didn’t get any DI’s up. They can hit resurrect when the boss resets (providing you rebirthed them from a safe place). Definitely not the best way to spend it.

Spex <3

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