10 September, 2009

So whats with these Tier Bonuses?

Blizzard have decided that the Tier 8 bonus has been too powerful and so has hit it with the nerf hammer, reducing the initial instant heal by 50%. Lame!

In their defense though, it was pretty powerful. Looking at
combat logs on fights where the % of my healing from Rejuvenation was 50%, At least 10 of that healing was coming from the Tier 8 bonus. Obviously this scaled with raid vs tank healing, and fights where you would pre-hot vs. fights where you heal as damage was taken.

And this change is making the Tier 9 4 set bonus a lot more desirable. Which is more then I can say of the pathetic 2 set bonus they gave us.

[2] Your Nourish gains an addition 5% chance to crit.

While I personally will not be breaking my tier 8 4 piece bonus for the 2 piece one, I am sure it would benefit when tank healing, alongside the new and improved empowered touch talent and our current nourish glyph. As Nourish generally isn’t up there on my healing, I find this talent rubbish comparing it to our tier 8 (Swiftmend healing increased by 10%) Which I burn every time it’s off CD.

So back to the Tier 9, 4 set bonus.

[4] Your Rejuvenation now gains the chance to crit

Comparing it to the changed T8 4 set bonus, I believe this can be a really great or really crappy bonus.

On the positives, a crit = bigger better heal, period. Sure it may be overhealing but on the other end, it may not.

Druids will always be known as fantastic raid healers so it makes sense for us to get another raid-skill bonus. Thankyou blizz.

Natures grace will be going crazy when raid healing. With upwards of 5 rej’s ticking about your raid, even

with a low crit it’s going to be proccing a lot of the time. (If it does....... can anyone confirm this?)

In the negative corner, A lot (most) of rejevenation is overhealing, which druids now suffer from. A bigger heal is just going to be a bigger overheal.

Breaking the Tier 8 set bonus will delete one of our only instant heals (the other being your NS+HT combo you have on your macro bar). However small it was, It was always rewarding to Clink, heal, Click, heal. Instead of Click, Wait, Tick!

A Trees best friend is haste, as it reduces the GCD on all our spells and the cast time of the few castables we have. Both these bonuses benifit from crit, which we don't hold onto. Do we really want to stack crit for these?

In my perfect world Druid HoT's would always be able to crit. This is something Blizzard has never given us so the fact that they have made it a set bonus is kind of like giving us a toy that we have to give back. Why carn't we always have the toy? I may dream about this in another post sometime :)

I would be grabbing all the yummy Tier 9 stuff you can, as the stats will make the upgrade worth it in the end. But don't be so hasty to put it all on at once. Check the bonuses you are losing/gaining and match that up with your healing assignment. Tank healers don't need a instant Rej and raid healers probably won't like the Nourish crit.

Spex <3

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