08 September, 2009

Opps! Out of Gold Again

Most people will experience this at some point. With Ulduar Hardmodes, and Trial of the Grand Crusader, lots of wipes means lots of gold spent, and all that new gear you're getting needs enchants and gems, not to mention the flasks, buff food and potions you need to last you through each evening. So with all that excitement going on about us, It is fair enough that we are all feeling abit burnt out in our pockets.

So I just wanted to kindly remind afew friends of the easier ways to make money.

Dailies - I know, they are horrible, get boring fast and require you to travel to stupid places. But they all give 10-20 gold each, and can help you with your Professions, Reputation and unlock some other miscellaneous cute stuff such as pets and mounts. The idea is to find something you want besides the cash. For example I really want that cute Kulak fishing pole, and that ridiculous looking chef hat. The money I get from the dailies, to me, is just a hidden bonus from my main agenda. (fashion, by the sounds of things).

Farming - Another gross idea. Mining, Herbing and Fishing are again boring. I try and jazz things up by running with a friend. Hop on vent and chat, or grab a hot/cold tasty drink and put on some good music. Try and use it as a relaxing way to end the night with your guildies, instead of a boring grind session. You may come to enjoy that time of day (Could you be so lucky?)

Farming side note: I personally find that Outland and Azeroth materials tend to sell for more then Northrend ones, as more people farm NR ones, and people wanting to powerlevel professions don't mind paying a little extra for oldschool mats.

Playing AH - Eternals cheap? Buy them all, wait afew days and then put them back up. Alternatively, make a character on your other factions side, and compare prices. Crusader and Runed orbs prices seem to vary the most on my server, so check both factions and see if you can make a profit. Just be aware of the neutral AH costs when transferring them over, and the costs of putting them up in your own AH.

Professions - Remember the 3k it cost you to level up engineering from 1-450? Why are you not making back the money? JCer's cut popular gems and sell them. Tailors make bags, Netherweave are best. Eternal Belt Buckles sell well, and if you have Inscription and Enchanting, you will find alot of people will pay alot for enchants that they can buy out on the AH, to save having to mess about with finding an enchanter, working out a tip, etc. Also Darkmoon cards sell well, either individually, or as a deck.

Profession side note: Always burn your Cooldowns. Tailors, make your specialized cloth. Alchemists, transmute your gems into the epic ones, etc. Most cooldowns will attract a nice wad of cash from the AH.

Farm Oldschool Raids - Some old bosses still give a nice amount of gold. get a friend and go beat up Onyxia (50g) or get a party and go kill magtheridon (500g). You can sell the loot for additional funds and get afew achievements along the way.

Heroics – The drops sell nicely, or DE into decent mats for your next enchant, the emblems you can use to buy orbs and gems to sell on the AH and you can get a small amount of gold and cloth from the trash and bosses.

Get Loremaster – Those quests get you some nice money and all the loot can be vendored, auctioned or, disenchanted etc. Start in Northrend and work your way backwards, so you can open up all your dailies and do them alongside your questing. You will need A LOT of time for this.

Till next time

Spex <3

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  1. I'll go with the dailies part..

    Pally Crusader Aura FTW XD