24 August, 2009

General Vezax Hardmode for Resto Druids

We’ve all heard it, Druids are OP healers, etc etc. But maybe we are just um.. Smart?

General V is great for druids. We may not have the huge mana pools that our fellow healers have (I’m look at you duspaly, with your 30k unbuffed mana pool) but we have a variety of powerful heals, in the forms of HOT’s, that just keep on ticking away long after we casted away the precious mana. But there are few other sneaky tricks we can do too. The next time you try General hardmode try this out:

LB in the black - And sabotage your heals? Not really. Cast 2 stacks of Lifebloom on the tank IN the shadow crash. This reduces the mana cost by 50% and will reduce the heals by 75%, But now, step outside the black and cast your 3rd LB. suddenly the stacks are ticking for their normal amount, not reduced, your bloom will kick back for the full amount and you will still get mana return from it. I have noticed it’s not 50% mana return though, more like 25, which I guess is understandable otherwise us druids would just be gaining mana instead of losing it.

Idol of Awakening – Reduces mana cost of your Rejuvenation spell by 104. Self explanatory.

Dark runes – Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life. An item any mana user can enjoy, with a CD of 15 mins, enough for 1 per try, It’s a nice bit of additional mana. You can pick these up off random mobs in Scholomance.

Fel Mana Potions - Restores 3200 mana over 24 sec, but at a cost. Also reduces spell damage by 25 and healing done by 50 for 15 min. Unfortunately the recipe is a drop off mobs in Shadowmoon Valley so if you are not up for farming for it, check your AH.

Flask of Distilled Wisdom – Increases your Intellect by 64 for 1 hour. If your mana pool is low this might serve better then your frost wyrm.

Spark of Hope – Will reduce the base mana cost of all your spells, by 42. Self explanatory.

To your pally and priest friends – Get them to shield in the shadow crashes. Since it’s damage absorption, not healing, the effect won’t be reduced, only the mana cost :D

General tips: Always keep Rejuvenation up on the tank, and use lifeblooms to top off raid members who got hit by shadow crash or suffered Life leech damage. Use regrowth at times where the tank health dips low, and take a nice wad of bandages with you, to use on the raid or your tank, if you predict you’re gonna idle for abit. You are gonna burn your mana fast when the Animus spawns so try and stay above 80% mana for when he does.

Please note: While Omen of Clarity used to proc during this fight, making meleeing him favorable for the odd free heal, since patch 3.2 It will no longer proc during the General Vezax encounter.


Spex <3

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