18 August, 2009

I have a Crush on my Idols

Seriously, It’s a issue. Ask me how many idols I have in my backpack and I’l dodge that question as much as I can before admitting I have 8, 4 of those is for HEALING ALONE. And this, to me, is not strange. So imagine how distraught I was 3 days ago when this happened:

Tree1 Receives loot [Idol of the Flourishing Life]

Tree1: Yay now I can throw out my old idol ::throws on ground::

Me: Why’d you do that?

Tree1: Cause this ones better

Me: yeah but… in what situations?

Tree1: Duh, this has higher ilvl

Me: But what if..-

Tree1: OH Cool now my average ilvl is 216

Me: /facepalm

Now, I have what you would call a crush on my idols. I cannot throw them out.

[Idol of the Flourishing Life] is fantastic for tank healing. Hell, I will even put on my T7.5 set for tank healing.

[Idol of Awakening] is fantastic for General V when you need to save as much mana as you can.

[Idol of Lush Moss] is great when raid healing, stuff like XT and Mimiron.

My new idol [Idol of Lush Moss] seems to have taken the front place though and will probably replace afew of them, giving me a constant +sp to all my heals.

Did the tree even check to see the difference between the idols? Is ilvl really everything? I didn’t really ask many questions after that as I was still abit upset over the harsh treatment of his beautiful [Idol of Awakening] that no longer existed. /sniff

Anyway, do you guys keep your idols? Ever pump out an oldschool one? Should I have scolded this tree more?

Spex <3

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  1. You're not the only idol collector out there, I have all the WOTLK moonkin ones and most of the resto ones, although with the T8 4 piece bonus I tend to stick with Idol of Awakening, since I am usually raid healing. Commence Regrowth spam!