01 August, 2009

Playing with Addons - IceHUD

Post # 2 of my fun with addons, this time it is IceHUD!

"Player and target health and mana bars, casting and mirror bars, pet health and mana bars, druid mana bar in forms, extensive target info, ToT display, and more"

Download can be found at Curse.com

It's pretty easy to set up this lil thing. you can make a circle
around you, curves, squiggles, lines, etc. wide or thin, any colors of the rainbow, to appear anywhere on your screen. The setup options are found in your Interface menu or by typing in /icehud into your console.

I set mine up to show health on the left, mana on my right. You can set up your health and mana to change colors as they decrease. As you can see I have a PURPLE amount of mana, So I'm still good to go!! These bars always show up, however I have it set to make them fade in and out as I enter/leave combat.

This new bar that has appeared to my left is my cast bar. the yellow fills up as it casts. See the red? this is my favorite part of IceHUD. It has taken into account my latency and visually predicted when I actually finish casting. Have a lag spike where you find yourself casting and casting a skill that won't take off? during lag spikes, this bar will all be red, letting me know it's just lag! and to continue casting new spells as usual. Extremely popular for people with live far away from the servers and/or have a slower internet connection. this bar will only appear when casting a spell. I will hit my next skill as soon as the yellow bar hits the red.

This grey bar to the left of me is my Global Cooldown bar. I have just casted Lifebloom, which is an instant. As soon as the gray vanishes I can hit my next spell! This bar only shows up when I have a GCD

Some other bars it can show you is target health and target cast bars, and while I do not have my target health bar enabled, If my target starts to cast a spell, it shows up to the right of my mana, with the name of the spell my target is casting, underneath.

Hope this helps

Spex <3

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