30 May, 2009

Things I should probably do in raids (But usually don't)

Faeire Fire

It is one of the first skills I whack on the boss as a Boomkin, yet it never crosses my mind to pump out this as a Tree. I guess when you enter a boss fight you have it in your mind to Tank, Heal or DPS. The tank is not going to start healing himself midfight, and the DPS does not take (intentionally) take aggro, to help out tanking. So why should a tree pop a debuff on a boss, that will not affect their heals in any way? As a 10 man raider, usually I am the only druid in the group. If there is a boomkin or kitty lurking, sure, it is probably their priority. But if you’re the only druid, be nice and tap this at the start of the fight, When it comes to debuffs, the more the merrier, right?

Give the Maytr loving ret pally a HOT

Sure it’s easy to blame them for killing themselves, getting all excited and going bonkers with AOE damage, but put yourself in their shoes. They are killing themselves to keep things that can attack you, very dead. You KNOW they will take alot of damage in that pack of adds, and they need you to let them. give them a regrowth and rej and then let them go nuts. The pile of dead around them will make it worth it.

Refresh thorns please?

Sometimes I will occasionally maybe place thorns on the tank, every 40 minutes or so. this skill is mainly frustrating since you pop it on, spend 10 minutes talking "boss fight" and then you all zoom in and your thorny buff is already gone. GG blizz for not extending the buff life when they played with the pally ones. I'm not going to suggest you put thorns on all 25 people in your raid (or 10, as you see fit) But a few buffs on your tanks at each boss pull may help in those "We got him down to 2%" situations.

Check your gear

I'm going to make myself feel better and assume we have all gone into a boss fight before remembering we are still wearing frost resist/resil trinket/bunny ears, and this point is mainly a silent reminder that it’s a good idea to do a gear check before each boss fight. You can serve this as a durability gear check also. Never in your life made this silly blunder? Then check up on the tank who always wears his frost set after Hodir, or the mage that constantly annoys the raid with his piccolo.

Spex <3

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